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Pan For Beethoven

sung by Tony Barclay
composed by Tony Barclay

arranged by Leston Paul



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“Pan For Beethoven”
Tony Barclay

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

The pan, is one of the greatest inventions
An instrument that’s made from the oil drum
Say pan, and yuh calling Trinidadians
They are gifted for making the steel pan
From the highest of heights throughout the universe
Bach and Bram’s Beethoven you’ll hear
Symphonies ringing out to each end of the earth
Is pan like yuh never hear


Is pan, pan for Beethoven
Play pan for Tchaikovsky
Pan in symphony
Pan with ah sweet sweet melody
Play pan in Carnegie - Pan in Radio City
In every concert hall, oh yes
Pan would play it all

Verse 2

Pan men playing ah symphony on pan
Beethoven gives a standing ovation
And when cellos ring out throughout the land
That’s the sound of ah symphony steel band
Bass pans playing and sounding
like a Tim phony, in different keys and tones
You can hear
Tenor pans ringing out
Violin rhapsodies, it gets better every year


Verse 3

Soca - no instrument plays it better
So we move on with pan in the future
Let’s make soca ah classical treasure
So that it would be played by orchestras
The spirit of Beethoven would be listening
He’ll be shock to know what he hears
Soca vibration have he coffin tumbling
He dead but he still have ears


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Tony Barclay
Tony Barclay


Tony Barclay was born in Trinidad where he learned the guitar at a young age. He played things he heard on the radio and sang on street corners. The 60s played a very important part in Tony’s life; listening to radio he heard people like Steve Wonder, James Taylor, Miriam Makeba, George Benson and many more.

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Tony began writing songs singing with Richard Hines, and Ian & Alan Stuart. He began performing at a local radio station, Radio Trinidad, on the “Auntie Kay” program and at the Calypso Revue Tent, where he met other artists. Tony’s first record was a Disco 45, The Crown. 

Tony’s love for music continues as life goes on. He has had a number of Pan songs: Pan Hurricane, The Reason and The Hills Coming Down highlighted last season, Quicksilver and more including Jazz On Pan, Pan 5th Symphony and  Pan For Beethoven, the track featured here.


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