Single Pan Bands - Preliminaries, Eastern Region - Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2016

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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. -  With the defending champs San Juan East Side Symphony as one of the competitors in this segment, the music rivalry is expected to be palpable from the start as twenty Single Pan Bands go up against the group in east Trinidad.  It will be the preliminary showing in the eastern region for the country’s 2016 Panorama season come Sunday January 10.  Twenty-one bands are listed to participate in this third consecutive night of competition, with the North and South/Central regions having had their turn this past Friday and Saturday, respectively.

A starting time of 5:00 p.m. is expected at the venue of the Arima Velodrome in Arima, east Trinidad. 

The list of Single Pan Bands and their Order of Appearance is below:

Order of Appearance - Single Pan Bands - PRELIMINARIES - Eastern Region

Position Single Pan Bands Arrangers Tunes of Choice Tuners
1 Pan On The Move Kenneth "Panam" Clarke Like Ah Boss Bertram “Birch” Kellman
2 Trinidad Nostalgic Amrit Samaroo Gimme More Herman Guppy Brown
3 Platinum Natasha Joseph Unknown Band  
4 Trinidad East Side Symphony Carlon Harewood Total Disorder Sylvon Doyle
5 Cocorite Road Pan Groovers Jahira Harris Both Ah Dem Lennard Lera
6 Sound of Music Bertram Brewster Mr. Big Bertram “Birch” Kellman
7 St. Thomas Silver Stars Marvin Connor Nah Going Home Andrew Morris
8 Marsicans Marlon White Say Say Mario Joseph
9 Chord Masters Kyshon Frith & Edward Gregory Joseph I Dare You Desmond "Mappo" Richardson
10 United Sounds The Brady Bunch Happiest Man Alive Paul Henry
11 Star Sapphire Trevor Charles Trini to the Bone Herman Guppy Brown
12 Arima All Stars Steel Orchestra Brian Austin Kaka Roach  
13 San Juan East Side Symphony Duvone Stewart No, No We Eh Going Home Herman Guppy Brown
14 North Eastern All Stars Committee Members Party Time Again Desmond "Mappo" Richardson
15 San Juan All Stars Akiba Joseph Nah Do Dat Desmond "Mappo" Richardson
16 Pan Stereonettes Anslem Campbell Pan In Danger Terrance Sheppard
17 Magic Notes Rebirth Rishi Depoosingh & Jerome Jones Pan Earthquake Sylvon Doyle
18 Pan Jammers Robert Tobitt Somebody Herman Guppy Brown
19 Pan Elites Nathanael Flemming Signal to Lara Lennard Lera
20 Nu- Pioneers Pan Groove Shaun Marcano & Simon Marcano Teaser Herman Guppy Brown
21 East Phonics Lloyd Cameron This Melody Sweet Trevor Charles

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