The Love Doctor of Pan & Pan Elders set to Make Panorama History

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Pan Elders Ssteel Orchestra - Semi Finals 2016
Pan Elders Steel Orchestra with Duvone Stewart performing at Panorama Semi-Finals 2016

by When Steel Talks

Right-on, Right-on, Right-on. Yea! It’s the ‘Love Doctor’ of Pan doing his thing. No doubt. It’s a love thang...

Watching arranger Duvone Stewart conduct his champion orchestra Pan Elders leaves nothing to the imagination. Outstanding music, deft musicianship and a stellar presentation on a world stage. A family affair if you will, that embraces and locks in step the arranger, players and audience - loving what your seeing, hearing and feeling.

Indeed as Duvone glides across the stage with baton in hand, conducting the audience more so than the orchestra through his visual embrace of the music and performance, you are drawn into his narrative and the musical theme of the “fete.” Yes,  Fete.

Duvone is obviously very conscious that Panorama is a real-time reality musical enclosed in a party environment where the audience is both an interactive participant and viewer. You’ve got eight minutes to bring joy to the audience, judges and the camera - in addition to making them fall madly in love with you - ‘live’ in house, or whether they are watching on a iPhone or just listening on the radio.  Pan Elders is wildly successful.

Duvone Stewart
Duvone Stewart

The Love Doctor of Pan invokes images of the great Barry White conducting his “Love Unlimited Orchestra,” but with a Trinidad styling on a Panorama stage with much tempo. The effects are the same underlying musical passages with embedded rhythms and counter points that command the people’s attention to listen and move, voluntarily or involuntarily. Duvone has a signature voice with Pan Elders - and it is both infectious and entertaining.

Coming out of the semi finals, Pan Elders is leading the pack and smoking. Moreover, they are on a mission to be the first to complete the hat trick in Panorama’s Medium Conventional Steel Orchestra category. Guaranteed when the orchestra executes the melody of their tune of choice, “Me Eh Fighting” by Bally—with Barry White’s “Love Theme” seamlessly running just under the surface at one point, without skipping a beat (pure musical genius on the part of Duvone)—folks will have their hands up in the air and erupting vocally. One musical dose by the Love Doctor would have done it again. All ailments are cured. 

Go get the extinguishers now and have them ready to hose down the stage after Pan Elders’ Finals night performance.


Pan Elders - Panorama Semi Finals 2016

Pan Elders - Panorama Semi Finals performance 2016

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