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‘Here Comes The Judge’

sung by Tellison “Tello” Forde
composed by Tellison Forde

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“Here Comes The Judge”
Tellison “Tello” Forde
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

The Steelpan have gotten increased attention
Pan Trinbago holds world’s first IPC,
Pioneers were proud of our invention,
I’ll show you it alludes to Deity!
Through innate wisdom of our Nation’s Father
Harness the name PAN-O-RA-MA for we
We tuning artform went, no standardize patent
Through dat the invention couldn’t make a cent (For the Culture!)
But for Panorama, showtime of we Culture,
We judges preserve Culture with criteria


Sweet sound of steel we bring, (play them Pan we just celebrating)
Tonight is real jamming (Don’t judge we judges, no complaining)
Come leh we jump and sing, and celebrate we thing,
Let’s gih dem everything!
(Rhythm, Jam, Excitement they getting)

Verse 2

One scholar have suggested foreign Tuning
In search of different tonal quality,
disregarding the natural law of nature
Temperature and Radiation Theory
No doctorate or PhD from U. W. I.
Only have basic Egyptology,
When Rah the Sun God shine
Rays on dem notes Devine
Tone change playing Wappie front and behind (shining brightly)
But for PAN-O-RA-MA, show time of we Culture,
We judges preserve Culture with criteria


Verse 3

Rudy Piggott, George Bailey, Terrance Evelyn,
Depict from the Nile through the Savannah
My Invaders sister Geraldine Connor
First Queen to arrange for PANORAMA,
Rudolph, Beverly, Jit, “Smooth”, “Boogsie”, Bradley,
And Pelham shaped PAN-O-RA-MA history
Unto the Lord Kitchie revealed the mystery
Add some Rain to O-RA-MA Secrecy
(Hope you see now!!) note: {RAIN
But for PAN-O-RA-MA,
Showtime of we Culture
We judges preserve Culture with criteria.



Drama in Savannah,
Big Party jump and get on ‘Wassi!’
Big Jam in Savannah,
Big Party, jump and get on  ‘Wassi!’

Verse 4

Ah big-time arranger ask my opinion
On foreign judges, for Panorama
He told me a few of them are in favor
But not arranging tunes from foreigner
I found the conversation real amusing
Its direction, and his mentality
So then I had to say, come up for Labor Day
Bring your foreign tune jam on the Parkway, (or we J‘Ouvert)
When you go back down dey hope you enjoyed your stay
Dem Judges down dey eh going no way


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