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‘Pan Eviction’

sung by Derrick Seales
composed by George La Barrie

arranged by Pelham Goddard

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“Pan Eviction”

Derrick Seales
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

I know that pan - Born here in the thirties
The only musical instrument - of the century
Although some bands - They achieve some great feats
Most of them they struggle to make ends meet
The biggest problem we have is the yard
We fed up with these owners - Some ah dem real hard
We must save this great invention - For the coming generation
And stop all this steel band yard eviction


Pan yard owners - Some of them is real horrors
Why these people treat steelband so
Eviction notice - dey serve on a band at practice
What kinda respect is this
Steelband country and the world know it surely
And they shower praise on our artistry
Some owners hit a new low
Oh what a low blow - Pan eviction in Trinbago

Verse 2

Ah leave meh home - Went down to meh pan yard
But when ah reach the place - Man ah get ah shock ah meh life
We instruments if you see confusion
The man throw us into oblivion
He pelt out we pans - like the fella mad
The man tell we not an inch - He want back he yard
Ah say give we ah lil chance - Pan practice start for the Savannah
He say he doh care about Panorama



Here in Trinbago - They doh treat Playboyz so
Not here in this land - Pan eviction (repeat)

Verse 3

Yuh can’t have roots - When facing eviction
And every house must stand - On ah rock solid foundation
The government must make a commitment
No steelband must be thrown on the pavement
The private sector help steel band flourish
But we run out of patience - So much promises
After so much blood sweat and pain - People treating pan like dustbins
Pan could soon return from whence it came


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