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sung by “Jackspania”
composed by Jathniel “Jackspania” Thomas

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Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Dora from Moruga with her mom and grandma
Move up to Arouca trying to make life better
Hookup with ah Pan Man, and she became his best fan
She say she like the steel band, traveling through the island
Left the house one Friday,
Saturday, Sunday all through Monday
Nobody could find her. What is wrong with Dora?
Another Pan man she was dating
No phone call to tell dem something
Ma reported Dora missing
And the police started searching.


PanDora - That’s what they call her
She moving from Pan to Pan
And moving from man to man
That’s why they call her ‘PanDora.’

Verse 2

Good news reached the Grandma. Dora partying in ‘Puna.
She boyfriend took ah maxi and went into the party
She was hanging with the bass man,
And parading through the steel band
The boyfriend got so angry, an’ put ah blade to stab she.
So she jump into the crowd, and she started screaming loud
Saying “I’m just being me and I doh care ‘bout he”
So the crowd surround PanDora, and she wining like ah cobra
And the people started laughing
And if you see how the boyfriend ‘grinding.’


Verse 3

The boyfriend call up Grandma
Say “Dey put ah light on Dora
I find she acting very strangely
Come down here immediately
Please come and talk to Dora
Before ah loose mih cool and hurt her
They calling her PanDora
And I’m burning up with anger
Look the tenor man just grab she
And she looking very tipsy
I’m feeling so embarrassed
So come and save her from this ‘cutass’
I can’t take this thing no longer
This woman want to raise mih pressure
What make me feel so bitter is
They calling her ‘PanDora.’


Verse 4

 Big big big confusion
With police intervention
And the Granny stood there crying
And the steelband players jamming
Dora shouted “His name is Keron
He’s carrying ah deadly weapon
So take him down to the station
He is causing me frustration
He cyah play no Pan
Only like to beat woman
Sir, would you do this fuh me
Lock him up and thro’ way the key
Take him out of my sight
He want to mess up my night
I cyah deal with this foolish man
I just want to hear mih Pan


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