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‘The Bride Granddaughter’

sung by “Kenny J”
composed by Kenwrick Joseph

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“The Bride Granddaughter”
“Kenny J”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

She was only seventeen
When she burst on the scene
Was on her grandmother’s wedding day
The young gyul jumped and snatched the bridal bouquet
People start moving, chairs and tables,
Clearing the way, to make room,
In her costume, she got ah hold of the groom


Is then she start to dingolay
If you see the woman break away
The bride granddaughter, the bride granddaughter
With ah Carib beer in she hand
Gyrating on the man
The bride granddaughter, the bride granddaughter
She make she Manama, when she jam down soca
Everybody want to know
Why the bride granddaughter had to get on so

Verse 2

It was so surprisingly
To see the bride in her glee
Together with her friends and family
They all gathered around her grand baby
Everybody shock, when she start to wuk,
Moving she behind,
Calling all men to come and wine
She was having ah great time


Verse 3

She was on top of her game
They all start calling her name
Clapping, chanting and singing out loud
She was feeling the vibes from the crowd
She kicked off her shoes, and by mistake
One got away, and smashed up, the wedding cake
It just got flat like ah bake


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