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‘Sacrificial Lambs’

sung by “The Original De Fosto Himself”
composed by Winston Scarborough

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“Sacrificial Lambs”
“The Original De Fosto Himself”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

For Pan an’ Calypso, we made the ultimate sacrifice,
For Culture my friends, time to treat we nice.
We cyah tighten we belt no more, and continue to be poor,
For Culture my friend, we don’t want no war!
We tired ah warn you, tired we tell you,
Tired wit’ dis ting, tired complaining... oh no, doh treat we so!


We saying like Dr. Rowley, same ting he tell de PP,
We wah we money,….we wah we money.
When we work is what he tell we, he doh make joke with he money,
We wah we money, we wah we money.
Pan an’ calypso are twin brothers you know,
From the very start we still playing de part.
We doh wah we money sleep out, we shouting from north to south.
We wah we money, we wah we money!

Verse 2

We done tell de authorities, not to touch we culture money,
For Pan and Calypso de people say.
All de sacrifices we make, time to open your eyes an’ see,
Pan an’ Calypso came a long, long way
So forward we going, forward we sailing,
Forward we moving, forward we bawling, on no….doh treat we so!


Verse 3

When Pan an’ Calypso meet, we does talk we ting in de street,
Who tiefing we money, must feel de heat!
I not blaming de Government, ‘cause dey give you every cent,
Whey we money gorn? Whey we money went?
So, put back we money, put back we money,
Put back we money ....put back we money ....oh no, doh treat we so!



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