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‘Journey Of The Veterans’

sung by “The Original De Fosto Himself”
composed by Winston Scarborough

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“Journey Of The Veterans”
“The Original De Fosto Himself”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Journey of the veterans, boy, is not an easy one
Choosing this profession –
Prepare till thy kingdom come
Those who gone before - they sang to the last
It was no stopping, no - not until you pass
But the sporting fraternity - was a different call
You could be a billionaire - with a bat and ball
Tiger Woods destroy the eighteenth hole –
Usain Bolt mesmerize the world
But we have to sing Oh Lord –
Till we get old, old, old

Chorus 1

So hold on Mighty Sparrow - hold on
Hold on Calypso Rose -
Hold on Lord Nelson - hold on
Most of we veterans gone already –
Some died in anguish and poverty
So hold on Black Stalin Hold on
Brother Superior and Composer - hold on
Bill Trotman - Explainer and Bomber –
Hold on, hear me
Hold on - hold on, hold on -
And keep on jamming

Verse 2

Those who died as true Calypsonians –
Sang the full cycle to the end
Farewell my brothers and sisters – ‘Til we meet again
It was kaiso wall to wall –
From Sunday to Sunday
Tents full, no room at all –
It was excitement all the way
Look Brian Lara made his millions and retire
Dwight Yorke did the same –
Oh yes and he in order
Still Calypso fighting up to survive –
The veterans struggling to stay alive
Holding on in dey twilight zone –
Through all this pain and strife

Chorus 2

So hold on Mighty Chalkdust - hold on
Crazy, Baron and All Rounder - hold on
Relator, Bally and Poser - hold on
We have to hold on no time to stop –
We cannot afford to be giving up - No
Hold on Contender - hold on
Brown Boy - Gypsy - Aloes and Pink Panther - hold on
Cro Cro - Short Pants and Mudada –
Hold on - hear me
Hold on - hold on, hold on –
And keep on Jamming

Verse 3

We sacrifice all these years –
As true Cultural Patriots
Held on to our Faith and Prayers –
Heaven knows we have done a lot
So hold on as long as you can –
Compensation is on the way
Better late than ever –
For we to have a brighter day
Even Lord Brigo say to hold on, and Zandolee
Roaring Lion - Growling Tiger and the Veterans’ family
Lord Kitchener say “Well this is good news –
Melody wants a new pair of shoes”
To sing in this chorus - Blakie say he can’t refuse

Chorus 3

So hold on Brother Valentino - hold on
Shadow - Funny - Luta and Rio - hold on
Singing Francine - Axe Back –
Bindley B and Baker - hold on
Calypso Kerr - Versatile - Twiggy - Sandra –
Surpriser and Drupatee - Yes
Hold on Organizer, hold on
Dirty Curty - Johnny King –
Young Creole and Scrunter - hold on
If you haven’t heard your name –
Please forgive me and hold on, yes


Hold on - hold on, hold on –
Lady Gypsy and Dr. Will B - hold on
Protector, Wanderer and Exposer - hold on

Et al...
And keep on jamming

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