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‘Pan Break’

sung by Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung
music by Dennis Smith
lyrics by Gregory “GB” Ballantyne

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“Pan Break”
Edwin “Crazy” Ayoung
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Dey break de panyard
And take he single tenor
One dat was chrome and powder
Before de Panorama
While he say dong agonizing on his great loss
Miss Kathy spot him and went across
She say whole day you can’t only play on a single, man
Take my second
Leh mih see yuh jam on two pan


Play my double, if yuh able
Small notes in de middle
Make meh tremble
Double-Second is deep
Feel de tone - bet from now
You cyah leave mih second alone
Cyah leave it alone pan break
Cyah leave it alone pan break
Cyah leave it alone pan break
Cyah leave it alone pan break

Verse 2

From de first notes he play
Ah say Mr. Panman
You wasting time on one pan
Look how yuh spread like Tarzan
Leh dem college girls keep dey tenor section tight
Big panman like you - ah find dat ent right
And double-second doh ever cry like a high tenor
Notes cut deeper
Vibrations could last much longer


Verse 3

She let him run de tune
Couple times till he wet
Boy if yuh see him cold sweat
From all de sweet vibes he get
Then she tell him sorry, is de end of de line
Ah just take a chance cause dis pan ent mine
She say mih man if he only know ah lend out he pan
He go break mih hand
Go be bacchanal in dis band


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