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Alpha Pan Pioneers

2024 Tune of choice:  Both O Dem  |  arranger:  Keishaun Julien

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Alpha Pan Pioneers began on an idea that it would always be nice to see a Pan side that the youths of the Church community and environs could join and learn more about culture and the national instrument.  This dream or idea had become a reality in 2014 when Mathias Marfan asked his daughter Marina Marfan if it could be done.  Her Initial response was apprehensive initially but she decided that it was not impossible.  She contacted Mr. Malomo Joseph (the captain and pan tuner of Southern Marine Steel Orchestra) about the project at hand.

Mr. Malomo Joseph had agreed and he made the very first pan the band ever received.  The pans with which Alpha Pan Pioneers began with were:

            2 six bass

            1 cello

            1 guitar

            1 double tenor

            1 double seconds

            4 tenors

The Band received the pans in May 2014 along with a bag of pan sticks, which Mr. Malomo Joseph donated and Alpha had its first meeting in which interested persons were asked to attend. The church had agreed to house ‘Alpha’ and it was endorsed by Father Steve Duncan, the parish priest of the St. Joseph RC church at that point of time.

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