Steelbands of Trinidad & Tobago - Panyard Addresses

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Large Orchestra Category

birdsong Old Works Building, Agostini Street, UWI Campus, St. Augustine   Rudy “Two Left” Smith
Desperadoes Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain   Carlton “Zanda” Alexander
Exodus Eastern Main Road, St. Augustine (near St. John’s Road)   Pelham Goddard & Terrance “BJ” Marcelle
Fonclaire #65 Dottin Street, San Fernando   Leon “Foster” Thomas
Harmonites Eastern Main Road, Barataria    
Invaders Queen’s Park Oval Carpark, Woodbrook   Arddin Herbert
La Brea Nightingales Point Sable Road, La Brea    
Phase II Pan Groove Hamilton Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain   Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
Redemption Sound Setters Montgomery Road, Bethel, Tobago   Micheal Toby
Renegades #138 Charlotte Street, Port of Spain   Duvone Stewart
Silver Stars #56 Tragarete Road, Port of Spain   Liam Teague
Skiffle Coffee Street, San Fernando   Marc Brooks
Kendall Williams
Odie Franklin
Starlift #1 Christopher Samuel Drive, Mucurapo Road   Robert Greenidge
Supernovas Surrey Village, Lopinot Road, Arouca   Amrit Samaroo
Trinidad All Stars #46-48 Duke Street, Port of Spain   Leon “Smooth” Edwards
Tropical Angel Harps Main Road, Enterprise Village, Chaguanas   Clarence Morris

Medium Orchestra Category

Arima Angel Harps Corner Eastern Main Road & Olton Road, Arima    
Belmont 5th Dimension #14 Upper St. Francois Valley Road, Belmont    
Buccooneers Pan Theatre, Chance Street, Buccoo, Tobago    
Couva Joylanders Railway Road, Couva    
Curepe Scherzando Evans Street, Curepe    
Dixieland Pan Theatre, Mt. Pleasant, Tobago    
Flabej Now Ensemble #15 Pembroke Street, Port of Spain    
Genesis Pan Groove      
Hatters #100 Lady Hailes Avenue, San Fernando    
Katzenjammers Courland Estate, Black Rock, Tobago    
Melodians Bellamy Street, Cocorite Road, Arima    
Pamberi Santa Cruz Old Road, San Juan   Andre White
Pan-Demonium #3 Norfolk Street, Belmont    
Pan Elders #18A Carib Street, San Fernando   Duvone Stewart
Panatics Water Wheel Compound, River Estate, Diego Martin   Reynold “Pro” Huggins
Parry's Pan School 165 Eastern Main Road, Tacarigua   Selwyn “Parry” Paul
Power Stars 114 Western Main Road, St. James, Port-of-Spain    
San City Steel Symphony Carib Street Complex, Carib Street, San Fernando    
Sangre Grande Cordettes 40 Foster Road, Sangre Grande   Ken “Professor” Philmore
Sforzata Corner Evans & Harris Streets, Curepe    
Sound Specialists of Laventille Eastern Quarry, Laventille    
St. Margaret’s Superstars St. Margaret’s Lane, Belmont   Shenelle Abraham
Southern Marines Steelband Foundation Southern Main Road, Marabella    
Steel Xplosion Buccoo Facility Car Park, Buccoo, Tobago    
Tokyo #2a Plaisance Road, John John    
Trinidad Valley Harps #32 Sunrees Road, Charlo Village, Penal    
Valley Harps Morne Coco Road, Petit Valley Sweet Soca Man Michelle Huggins–Watts
West Side Symphony Pan Theatre, Patience Hill, Tobago    

Small Orchestra Category

Alpha Pan Pioneers Tobago   Marina Marfan
Antillean All Stars Carib Street, San Fernando    
Arima Golden Symphony Licensing Office, Priority Bus Route, Arima    
B minor L.P. #188, 12 Woods Avenue, Laventille Ext. Road    
Bon Air Rhythm Rockers Blue Mussel Street, Bon Air West, Arouca    
Blue Diamonds #39-41 George Street, Port of Spain    
Caribbean Paradise      
Casablanca #31 Belmont Circular Road, Belmont    
Central Symphony Tobago    
Cocorite West Wind Opposite #7 Building, Waterhole, Cocorite    
Codrington Pan Family      
Crescendoes Musicale Erica Street, Laventille    
Crown Cordaans Milford Road, Canaan/Bon Accord, Tobago    
Dem Boys Tobago    
Fascinators Pan Symphony 1 Lammie Street, El Dorado, Tunapuna    
Flamingoes St. John's Road, St. John, St. Augustine   Salah Wilson
Golden Hands #134 Independence Avenue, San Fernando


Vanessa Headley
Harvard Harps #106 Tragarete Road, Port of Spain    
Highlanders Corner of Eastern Main Road & Williams Street, Success Village, Laventille    
Humming Birds Pan Groove #13 Fort George Road, St. James    
Jay Notes      
Kalomo Kings Pleasantville Avenue, San Fernando    
La Horquetta Pan Groove Phase 5, La Horquetta, Arima    
Laventille Serenaders Corner St. Barbs & Laventille Roads, Laventille    
Longdenville Claytones Longdenville, Chaguanas    
Mt. Moriah Pan Movement Wharton Street, San Fernando    
MerryTones #1 Bagatelle Road, Greenhill, Diego Martin    
Moods Saldenah Terrace, Southern Main Road, Curepe    
Morne Diablo Funkadelic      
Morvant Ebonites Busby Street, Morvant    
Motown Navet Road, San Fernando  
Music Makers      
Musical Gems #Foreshore Lands, Cocorite    
New East Side Dimension Winward Main Road, Belle Garden, Tobago    
New World Symphony      
Nutones #6 Coryat Street, Arima     
Old Tech      
Our Boys Kirk Street, Scarborough, Tobago    
Panosonic Connection Macon Street, Victoria Village    
Potential Symphony Upper Sixth Avenue, Malick, Barataria
Roadblock Green Acres Road, Trou Macaque, Laventille Magic Drum Lyndon “Papa Chunks” Spencer
St. James North Stars 63 Bombay Street, St. James    
Simple Song 42 Pinto Road, Arima    
Siparia Deltones Railway Road, Siparia    
Southern All Stars U.C.B. Senior Comp., Claxton Bay    
Starland Steel Orchestra Techier Village, Point Fortin    
Steel Sensations Tobago    
T & T Music Stars Chinapoo Community Centre, Morvant    
Tamana Pioneers Four Roads, Tamana    
Tipica #6 Macoya Settlement, Macoya, Tunapuna    
Tobago Pan-Thers Tobago Far From Finished Kenneth “PanAm” Clarke
Tornadoes Steel Orchestra Richardson Street, Point Fortin    
Tremolandos Steel Orchestra Tamana Hill Road, Coryal, Sangre Grande    
Trinidad Pan Connoisseurs      
Trinidad Pan Jewels      
Tunapuna All Stars Railway Road, Pasea Village, Tunapuna   Kimberli St. Clair
Tunapuna Tipica Old Health Center, El Dorado, Tunapuna    
Uptown Fascinators Tobago    
West Stars Diego Martin Cottage, Diego Martin    
Xpress 21 #80 Old St. Joseph Road, Success Village, Laventille    


Arima All Stars Malabar Road, Arima
Bar 22 #57 St. Ann's Main Road, St. Ann's    
Belmont City Kids International #17 Farrell Lane, Belmont    
Belmont Hi Larks Belmont, Port of Spain    
Brazil RX4 Talparo Main Road, Brazil    
Brimblers Corner of Tragarete Road and White Street, Woodbrook    
Caribbean Paradise Chinapoo Basketball Court, Morvant    
Chord Masters Laventille Road, Febeau Village, San Juan    
City Sun Valley Pan Groove #51-53 Nelson Street, Port of Spain    
Cocorite West Wind Water Hole Road, Cocorite    
D Untouchable Pan Groove 205 Pioneer Drive, Sea Lots    
Dem Boys Mason Hall Tobago    
Free Lancers Prince and Duncan Streets, Port of Spain    
Gonzales Sheikers #25 Agostini Street, Gonzales    
Harlem Syncopators #63 Quarry Street, East Dry River,  Port of Spain    
Hi Larks Belle's Cafe, Belmont Circular Road, Belmont    
Highlighters Caratal Road, Gasparillo    
Hope Pan Groove Hope Village, Tobago    
Ice Water Pan Ensemble #1 Bagatelle Road, Greenhill, Diego Martin    
Jah Roots Warden Road, Point Fortin    
La Creole Pan Groove La Puerta Avenue, Diego Martin    
La Famille United Steel Orchestra #48 Cascade Road, Cascade, St. Ann's    
La Romaine Super Vibes Southern Main Road, La Romaine    
Magic Notes Rebirth Jai Ramkissoon Lands, Brazil Village, Brazil    
Marsicans Mausica Street, Arima    
Metro Stars Todd Street, Pembroke, Tobago    
Music Makers 19 Straker Village, Picton Road, Laventille    
Natural Mystic Patience Hill, Tobago    
Nayal Hill S.O.M. #27 Layan Hill, Belmont, Port of Spain    
New Age Trendsetters Francois St. Enterprise, Chaguanas    
Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony #24 Woodford Street, Newtown    
North Eastern All Stars Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande    
Nostrand Symphony St. Paul’s Street, Port of Spain    
Nu Pioneers Pan Groove Mausica Lands, Arima    
Nuttin’ Big Pan Groove #1 Roots Lane, Morne Coco Road, Petit Valley    
Pan Family Bath Street, Eastern Main Road, Port of Spain    
Pan Fanatics Mason Hall Tobago    
Pan Jammers Sam Boucaud Road, Santa Cruz    
Pan On the Move Mausica Street, Arima    
Pan Revival Bynoe Trace, Enterprise, Chaguanas    
Pan Stereonettes 24 1/4 MP, Cumana Village, Toco    
Rhythm Rockers Sanchez Street Extension, Arima    
Rio Claro Koskeros Railway Road, Rio Claro    
St. James Tripolians Fort George Link Road, St. James    
Stardust Schuller Street & Western Main Road, Carenage, Pt. Cumana    
San Juan All Stars 20 Saddle Road, San Juan    
San Juan East Side Symphony 6 First Street, San Juan    
Scrunters Pan Groove 10 Jeffers Lane, St. James    
Scorpion Pan Reflection #23 Haig Street, Carenage    
Sea Lots One Love #21a Beetham Highway, Sea Lots    
Self Help Marines Egypt Village, Point Fortin    
Shades In Steel Southern Main Road, Vistabella    
Spree Simon Harmonics LP #1 Corner Picton & Eastern Main Roads, Laventille    
Star Sapphire Temple Street, Arima    
T&T Defence Force Defence  Force Headquarters, The Club, Chaguaramas    
T&T Fire Services Fire Services Station Headquarters, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain    
Tobago Pan-Thers Sea View Trace, Golden Lane, Tobago    
Trinidad East Side Symphony Upper Sixth Avenue, Malick, Barataria    
Trinidad Nostalgic De Gannes Street, Arima    
Uni Stars Old St. Joseph Road, Success Village, Laventille    
United Sounds La Retreat Road, Wallerfield, Arima    
Woodbrook Modernaires #71 Tragarete Road & French Street, Woodbrook    
Woodbrook Playboyz Tragarete Road & Picton Street, Woodbrook    
World Wide Steel Orchestra Mt. Hololo Road, Cascade, St. Ann's    

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