Moods Of Pan Festival 2004

by When Steel Talks

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Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - While Trinidad & Tobago rightfully boasts of hosting the world's most famous national steelpan music event - Panorama - Antigua may soon be credited with holding the first truly significant international pan music event. "Moods of Pan Festival" is one of the premiere steelpan musical events in the region. No winners or losers here. Just extremely high-level entertaining musical performances by some of the best in the business globally. Moreover, top steel band music acts from the global community continue to be attracted to the event. This year's event, held from November 25th-28th featured local, regional and international steel orchestras and panists.

Gemonites Steel Orchestra at Moods of Pan 2004

The Sixth Annual Gemonites' "Moods of Pan" held in the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua is easily one of the better produced steelpan music events. This year When Steel Talks traveled to Antigua to check out the event now in its sixth year. We were not disappointed with what we found, saw and experienced. When Steel Talks arrived on the second day of the four-day event. Performing this year were steel orchestras: New York's Women In Steel, Trinidad's Renegades, Grenada's New Dimension, United Kingdom's Mangrove, and Antigua's Harmonites, Halcyon and Gemonites steel orchestras.

Women In Steel at Moods of Pan 2004
Women In Steel at Moods of Pan 2004 in Antigua

Also originally slated to perform were Andy Narell and Calypsociation from France. Unfortunately due to traveling logistics, the festival's promoters were unable to pull that off. In addition, soloist Joy Lapps from Toronto, Dane Gulston & Arturo Tappin were among many other performing artists.

Renegades Steel Orchestra at Moods of Pan 2004
Renegades Steel Orchestra at Moods of Pan 2004

When Steel Talks was able to closely observe this production from the vantage point of the audience, artists, sponsors and promoter. What we saw was an operation that moved relatively smoothly and professionally - devoid of the unnecessary drama sometimes associated with steelpan music events... The Moods of Pan Festival has clearly galvanized the enthusiasm and support of the global steelpan community. Our compliments to Gemonites Steel Orchestra, the Antiguan government and Antiguan people for organizing this successful and special event.

Grenada's New Dimension Steel Orchestra Moods of Pan 2004
Grenada's New Dimension Steel Orchestra Moods of Pan 2004

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