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 If  you're a promoter, sponsor, investor, performing artist, steelpan music enthusiast or a tourist just looking for a good time,  this was the festival for you.  When Steel Talks took a critical look at Antigua's 2004 Moods of Pan Festival produced by Gemonites Steel Orchestra and its potential for future growth. 

The festival, now in its sixth year, has the ability to explode into one of the premiere steelpan music events in the world.  The location, time of year and quality of acts makes this festival such a sure bet, that When Steel Talks feels comfortable recommending it on all levels.  The show's promoters are made up of very bright and capable people who are both creative and have a long-range vision that they are actively and successfully implementing.  Their keen sense of community, business, entertainment, culture and professionalism makes the future growth and profitably of this annual event a sure shot.

Gemonites was able to secure major support from the international corporate organizations, local businesses and Antiguan government.  It was no small feat to coordinate the logistics of bringing in steel orchestras and their instruments and other major acts from all over the globe.  The following is our take on the four-day event.


This year's event was held at the Deanery Grounds which provided adequate space for the audience and double stage set up for the performing artists.  The open air setting was welcomed as it allowed the audience to take advantage of the beautiful Antiguan weather, in addition to providing a preferred acoustical environment for the steelpan instruments.
The Performances
The performances were all of a very high level; and were both visually entertaining and musically stimulating.  All the acts came well prepared and well-rehearsed.   Each act showcased its specialty and uniqueness.  The acts were professional and left all the audiences quite pleased and wanting to hear more.
Each night the shows flowed quickly and smoothly without any major snafus.  The festival could have easily been broadcast on live television.  Indeed the show was heard live on the local Antiguan radio station.  The double stage setup w
orked seamlessly.  The shows' productions team (Gemonites) obviously gave much thought into the shows' lineup and flow.  Their ability to quickly make and implement changes without short circuiting the production displayed the potential for live satellite broadcasting to major markets.
Sound & Lighting
While the lighting was adequate additional frontal lighting and a moving spotlight would have been appreciated.  The sound was slightly above average as it relates to steelpan events.  There were no major horror stories as music lovers have become accustomed to as part of the norm in some of the major steelband markets.  Having said -  that the sound for the steel orchestras needs improvement.  The sound for Arturo Tappin and his combo was adequate.   Which probably demonstrates that if a sound check was done for the steel orchestras, similar results would be realized.
Follow Up
At the event Gemonites offered a DVD of the past "Moods In Pan Festival" so we are confident that this year's event will also be made available on DVD in the future.  Indeed, the show can be heard on the Antiguan radio station Observer Radio,  91.1FM...
The event had a comprehensive website where up-to-the-minute changes were reflected.  It provided potential patrons and the media with valuable information about the acts and events.  A greater global outreach is needed to raise the awareness of this event's happenings.  However,
When Steel Talks suspects that after this show everyone who has anything to do with pan will be in Antigua next year for "Moods In Pan Festival 2005."
When Steel Talks gives the Moods In Pan Festival 2004 a B+ with the confidence that this grade will get even better in the future.  Gemonites has a clear commitment towards musical excellence and the forward progress of steelpan activities that spills over into everything they touch.  The treatment of the artists were top notch.  The Antiguan hospitality was above reproach.  The performing artists resided at the beautiful Jolly Beach Resort.  Again, the four-day festival's coordinators receive high grades for their coordination of transporting to and from the performance areas - all the artists - without drama.

Remarkable as it may seem, after spending most of their time coordinating and taking personal care of the details of the show,  the members of Gemonites Steel Orchestra took the stage as musicians and closed the festival with a rousing performance, letting no one forget that they are also - great pan musicians.   Great show.  Great work...

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