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“Soothing Sunday



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Antigua -  The Moods of Pan festival ended on what is known as “Soothing Sunday”.  This year's performers included Gemonites, Renegades, Mangrove, Dane Gulston, Arturo Tappin, Joy  Lapps (a Toronto-based Antiguan performer), Gavin Francis & Imran Lewis (two young Antiguan soloists), and the comedian Sprangalang.

The large and passionate crowd soaked up all of the great performances by the performing artists.  Indeed, of special note -  Renegades' rousing and deft performance enticed a demand for an encore by the audience.  They did not disappoint, demonstrating why they are one of the top performing orchestras on the planet.  Equally comfortable in any genre of  music they brought the crowd to their feet.

Steelpan tenor player Dane Gulston who filled in for Liam Teague at the last minute did an admirable job as he interacted with, lead, challenged and supported sax player Arturo Tappin through their set.  The supporting musicians anchored by Rico Mason, who Mr. Tappin calls the best drummer in the Caribbean, and Gene Torres on bass, were tight and on point.  They allowed Mr. Gulston and Mr. Tappin the freedom to solo, entertain and explore new territory while never allowing the obviously musically discerning Antiguan audience to forget that they were anything less than serious musicians.

Host and closing act Gemonites Steel Orchestra put the finishing touches on this nights' concert and the festival overall.  Again the international audience which was the largest of the four-day event,  was well served.   Moreover, they vowed to be there in Antigua next year for the 2005 "Moods of Pan Festival".


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