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Exodus Steel Orchestra in Antigua

GlobalWhen Steel Talks (WST) has visited with and  covered countless steel orchestras throughout the world.  Recently, WST got a chance to closely observe the members of Trinidad and Tobago’s Exodus Steel Orchestra while covering the 2007 Moods of Pan Festival.  Both Exodus and WST stayed at the Jolly Beach Resort during our time in Antigua.  After witnessing Exodus up close, it quickly became apparent that this world-renowned music organization’s fortunes do not depend on luck or chance.

Exodus Steel Orchestra is truly an extraordinary  organization both on and off the stage.  Indeed the numerous accolades and accomplishments of this world-class steel orchestra are well documented.  Professional, disciplined, meticulous and organized, are words normally associated with Exodus, and all these descriptions are justly and correctly applicable to the group.  They are indeed a talented and hard-working but fun music family striving towards one goal.

Exodus Steel Orchestra’s Ainsworth Mohammad (manager) & Pelham Goddard (arranger)

Not surprisingly, the persona and success of Exodus, like most triumphant organizations are directly related to their leadership.  Their manager Ainsworth Mohammed is the major driving forces behind Exodus’ achievements.  Mr. Mohammed is success-oriented, driven and self-dependent.  As Mr. Mohammad told WST - "we ask for nothing".  In addition, Mr. Mohammed has a vision for Exodus and is not satisfied with the status quo of the current steel orchestra working world models.  Accustomed to success and professionalism in business life - Mr. Mohammed expects, and receives no less, in his steelband music operations.

A sizeable portion of Exodus’ musical successes is directly attributed to musical stalwart and accomplished winning arranger Pelham Goddard.  Mr. Goddard is also no stranger to success.  He is connected to some of the most memorable and popular songs in recent times out of the Caribbean.  Pelham has been at the musical helm of Exodus since 1989 with four titles to his credit - three of them in the last seven years.  They have made it to the Trinidad and Tobago panorama finals every year except for that first year.  That is a remarkable streak of eighteen consecutive finalist appearances.  Moreover, they have placed in the top three every year but twice in the last fifteen years.  And of course they have won the last two World Steelband Festivals consecutively.

Pelham Goddard, Ainsworth Mohammed and Bertram “Birch” Kelman at Antigua’s Jolly Beach Resort for Moods of Pan 2007

Their success has carried over to their youth division known as “Exocubs who are schooled in the theory of music and the fundamentals.  The Exocubs are an investment in the Exodus community and their future.

The members of Exodus are aware that they represent their organization even when they are not on stage and carry themselves in that manner.  Their commitment to excellence and professionalism is outstanding. 


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