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July 2013



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“The Bradley Years”

The Bradley Years represent the definitive collection of steelband music arrangements and performances for a large steel orchestra. This collection showcases seven classic arrangements from the master arranger Clive Bradley.  Bradley is considered to be the best steelband music arranger ever by many, including his peers.  In addition, the arrangements are performed by one of the finest steelbands in the world, New York’s Pantonic Steel Orchestra. Clive Bradley had a very special relationship with Pantonic.  This orchestra clinched the title of panorama champions five times in seven years - performing Bradley’s musical works.  The performances were captured by Basement Recordings days before, and in one instance, mere moments before they took the stage for the prestigious annual steelband music panorama competition. 

The recordings capture, reproduce and present an unrivalled clarity with sonic realism, of a large steel orchestra fielding between one hundred and one hundred twenty musicians - unlike any other steelband music recordings in its class.

This body of musical work is a sterling addition for all fans, educators, players, historians and fine music collectors.
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 Pan in New York 2009

Global - Experience the beauty of the steelpan instrument through the two latest CD releases from Basement Recordings.  Three-minute samples from the Pan In New York 2009 CDs - of both regular and slow tempo performances - are being featured.  Content is being added, so keep checking regularly.   Both “Pan In New York 2009,” and “Pan In New York 2009 - The Cooldown Versions” are a continuation of the Pan-4-Life series from Basement Recordings.
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 31, 2013
When Steel Talks

D’Radoes Steel Orchestra 2013 Band Launch - No Rain on the Musical Parade

D’Radoes Steel Orchestra

Brooklyn, New York, USA - Not even the continuous driving rain could dampen the spirits of the pan artists and/or beauty of the steelband on this Sunday night on the last weekend in July in New York. This was the third consecutive New York band launch in the Brooklyn borough in as many nights; the two preceding were those of CrossFire and CASYM, respectively. One would think there might have been a lull or drop-off in performance energy. Perish that thought. This was D’Radoes Steel Orchestra’s band launch. Indeed it was a welcoming sight to see so many pan music lovers walking up the back streets to Radoes’ yard under umbrellas. Whatever was lost in terms of audience due to the weather, was more than made up for in terms of the bands’ performances.
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 31, 2013
Trinidad Guardian

Big steelband explosion in Woodbrook

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - The Woodbrook Community Association (WCA) is staging Pan on D’Avenue...A Street Parade, on August 24, from 6.30 pm-3 am. With the parade heading in a westerly direction, its route will be along Ariapita Avenue from the corner of Colville Street to the corner of Taylor Street. “There will be no vending or amplified music along the route,” assured WCO spokesman Councillor Cleveland Garcia. “Just the sweet sounds of the steelpan.” Among the bands promised for this pan explosion are National Panorama champion Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove, PCS Silver Stars, Republic Bank Exodus, bpTT Renegades, Witco Desperadoes, CAL Invaders, Courts Laventille Specialists, White Oak Starllift, Carib Woodbrook Playboyz, St James Tripolians and Brimblers.
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Web Posted - Tuesday July 30, 2013
When Steel Talks

Oasis ‘Steels’ Show at CASYM 2013 Band Launch

CASYM Steel Orchestra

Brooklyn, New York, USA - No one has ever accused CASYM of not knowing how to put on a show. And of course this night, the day of their band launching would be no different. CASYM brought their launch to the East Flatbush community. Slated to perform were New York Pan Stars, Pantonic Steel Orchestra, Oasis Youth Steel Pan Ensemble from New Jersey, CrossFire Steel Orchestra and of course hosts CASYM Steel Orchestra. 

In spite of the late start, once the show got rolling everything was smooth sailing. CASYM Steel Orchestra opened the event and laid the ground work for a very entertaining evening. In 2013, CASYM (Caribbean American Sports and Cultural Youth Movement, Inc.) is celebrating their 30th year of existence as a cultural organization. The band’s opening set leaned on its long history and tradition of being a high performance and entertaining act. They did not disappoint in this warm-up set.
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Web Posted - Tuesday July 30, 2013 News

Madiba magic at Marimba and Steelpan Festival

South Africa - More than 1400 musicians from South Africa and beyond will come together in a thrilling spectacle at the International Marimba and Steelpan Festival.

Now in its second year, this entertaining family-oriented musical event will feature a special tribute to Nelson Mandela at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, 3 August. All the marimba and steelpan players will perform a piece accompanied by a massed choir, two young rappers and local music luminaries Dave Reynolds and Pops Mohamed, as well as American musician Andy Narell, arguably the greatest steel panist in the world today.

....The participating marimba and steelpan musicians hail from all over South Africa as well as from Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. A truly inclusive event, the festival also provides platform for mentally challenged musicians and those living in townships and rural areas.
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Web Posted - Tuesday July 30, 2013
Trinidad Guardian

birdsong pays tribute to Teddy Belgrave

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - On August 1, Emancipation Day, Birdsong will pay musical tribute to Ian “Teddy” Belgrave, the band’s founding captain, who passed away on July 19. The function will afford the steelband community a forum to record its appreciation for the five decades of dedicated service Belgrave gave to the national instrument as player, organiser, administrator, educator, historian and activist.

....The programme will feature performances by Birdsong’s stage side, the Birdsong Academy and pan soloists. The programme will also feature oral tributes from members of Birdsong, the steelband movement and the wider national community to which Belgrave gave a lifetime of service and activism in the fields of music, trade unionism and education.
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Web Posted - Tuesday July 30, 2013
When Steel Talks

CrossFire Steel Orchestra 2013 Band Launch

Summer Steel in Season in New York

CrossFire Steel Orchestra

Brooklyn, New York, USA - The Summer night this time around might have been cooler than a few weeks ago when CrossFire Steel Orchestra hosted their 2013 pan yard opening, but the steelband sessions laid down during the music organization’s seasonal band launch, were simply steamy in their own right. The last weekend in July, and it was CrossFire’s Friday evening band launch which kicked off three days of back-to-back steelband events in the borough of Brooklyn.

Things started off musically when hosts CrossFire got into the groove just around 10:30 p.m. to the appreciation of those who were already there; they would also close things off a few hours later. Along with CrossFire, pan patrons were treated to music from New York Pan Stars and Higher Levin steel orchestras, two bands visible and very active within the pan community, but which have not been to the Panorama competition - thus far. Therefore, catching such groups at launches and other similarly-themed events are opportunities for steelband lovers to get a taste of what they have to offer sonically.
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Web Posted - Monday July 29, 2013
When Steel Talks

Pan Trinbago launches 21st edition of “Pan Month” with Annual Interfaith Church Service

Pan Month 2013 events schedulePort-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Trinbago Inc. heralds the start of Pan Month 2013 with an Interfaith Church Service and Procession in Port-of-Spain; it is the 21st edition of Pan Trinbago’s Pan Month. The Evangelical Service will be held at the St. Joseph’s Convent Chapel, Abercromby Street, on Sunday August 4 at 11:00 a.m. Members of the Inter Religious Organization will officiate with the homily delivered by Fr. Clyde Harvey. At the service, there will be the blessing of the Flags of the Steel Orchestras; the public is invited.

It was on August 30, 1992 that the steelpan was declared the National Musical Instrument of Trinidad & Tobago and in keeping with this edict, Pan Trinbago recognizes the occasion annually with a number of events with the steelpan as the main focus.
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Web Posted - Friday July 26, 2013
Trinidad Guardian

Remembering TASPO 62 years later

‘Rusty pans’ cause jaws to drop, eyes to widen

Ellie Mannette was one of the ping pong players on the Taspo trip. Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Sixty-two years ago, on July 26, 1951, a significant aspect of steelband history was recorded with an appearance by TASPO at the Summer Festival of Britain.

The acronym TASPO stands for the Trinidad All Steel Percussion Orchestra—a band formed in 1951 as a direct result of the violence that was rampant among the steelbands in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

Opportunity knocked in the guise of the 1951 Summer Festival of Britain, an exposition of arts, crafts, exhibitions and cultural events from all over the United Kingdom, including its colonial possessions, that brought forth the suggestion from Sir Hubert Rance, Trinidad’s English governor at the time, that a steelband represent the island colony at the event.
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Web Posted - Friday July 26, 2013
When Steel Talks

Teddy Belgrave and Steelband - Eulogy

Tribute to Panman and Activist Ian “Teddy” Belgrave

Ian “Teddy” BelgravePort-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Born in Laventille, Trinidad, Ian “Teddy” Belgrave was exposed to the steelband at a very early age. His two elder brothers, John and Robin, were practicing players with steelbands in the area. This area had bands like: Kentuckyians; Armed Forces; Unique; Playboys; Savoys; Highlanders; Southern Symphony ...and individuals like: Bertie Marshall; Carl Greenidge; Oscar Bushe; the Bonaparte Brothers; Lincoln Noel; Theophilus Trim - all legends and icons in their own right, all of whom made positive contributions to this instrument that we so candidly claim today as the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. As a youth, Teddy rubbed shoulders with these ‘men of steel;’ it is no wonder that he made the kind of contribution to Pan that we can speak about today.
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Web Posted - Friday July 26, 2013
When Steel Talks

Bayelsa State Junior Steel Orchestra shines at MBGN ceremony and pageant in Nigeria

Bayelsa State Junior Steel Orchestra performs

Bayelsa State, Nigeria - The Bayelsa State Junior Steelpan Orchestra (BSJSO) was featured in the opening ceremony—which took the form of a dinner party—of the recently-held 2013 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) pageant. For that July 7th opening event at Matho Crystal Hotel in Yenegoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria - the orchestra served up a musical menu which showcased Duncan Mighty’s Port Harcourt Boi, Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s classic Unqombothi, and Africa by Salif Keita. BSJSO also performed at the opening and closing of the July 20th pageant finale and included Barrister Cynthia, one of the state’s folk songs, in their set.

The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant is hosted annually by the Silverbird Group, with winners moving on as Nigeria’s representatives at international beauty competitions.
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Web Posted - Friday July 26, 2013

Steel pan players tune skills

Level One partcipants from the Buxton group with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Alfred King and senior management of Republic Bank.

Georgetown, Guyana, S.A. - One hundred and fifty young people from across Guyana benefitted from learning and developing the necessary skills required for playing the steelpan through an initiative by Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited.

Titled the Republic Bank RightStart Pan Minors Music Literacy Programme 2013, it was conducted from July 08 – 25, 2013. The workshops were held in Regions 4, 5, 6 and 10 and facilited by six instructors.

“As usual, the focus of the programme included steel pan history, music theory, techniques of playing and steel band arrangement,” the bank said in a statement.
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 24, 2013
Trinidad Express Newspapers

Belgrave hailed as ‘great intellect’

The life and work of Ian “Teddy” Belgrave remembered and celebrated at funeral service

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Eulogised as a great intellect, panman, mentor, teacher and activist, the life and work of Ian “Teddy” Belgrave was remembered and celebrated at his funeral service yesterday, at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port of Spain.

As he delivered the homily, Canon Knolly Clarke said Belgrave must be celebrated for his great insights, talents and gifts and his legacy of integrity he left behind.

Political leader of the Movement for Social Justice, David Abdulah, said Belgrave left a legacy after re-establishing the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) Education and Research Department.

....There were also tributes from Nestor Sullivan of Pamberi Steel Orchestra and Belgrave’s friend and colleague, Wendy Augustus and a musical interlude by the Codrington Pan Family.

There was a large turnout of family, friends, well-wishers and comrades in the trade union and pan movement who joined in singing the trade union song, “Solidarity Forever” as Belgrave’s casket was wheeled out of the cathedral.
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 24, 2013
Grenada Broadcast

NLA contributes to Spice Mas 2013

Picture of NLA press conference head-table officials with Sponsorship Cheque; (L – R: Mr. Arthur Hosten, Mr. Geoffrey Gilbert, Mr. Archie Bain, Mr. David “Peck” Edwards, Hon. Min. Alexandra Otway-Noel, Mr. Hayden Redhead, Hon. Sen. Brenda Hood, and Mrs. Veda Bruno-Victor and Mr. Richard De Allie)

St. George’s, Grenada, W.I. - As part of its mandate to support culture within the Tri-Island State, the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) has announced its contribution to Carnival 2013, focusing mostly on the Panorama and Steel Band Competitions and Carnival ticketing.

....The 2013 competitions of the pan art form, through the Spice Mas Corporation (SMC), are now sponsored in full by the NLA to the tune of EC$340,000.00. This sponsorship amount to the SMC is one of the biggest by any sector of the economy, which according to Hon. Sen. Brenda Hood, " second to the contributions made by the Government of Grenada, who provides the largest contribution by way of subventions and more."

One of the major highlights of this Carnival," she added, "is the fact that after every major show, all the prizes, including appearance fees will be paid on the night, and that is being taken care of by the NLA for the Bomb-Tune, Junior Panorama and National Panorama Competitions."
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 24, 2013
Trinidad Express Newspapers

Remembering Teddy Belgrave

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - ....[Ian “Teddy”] Belgrave was considered an icon within both the steelband and labour movement fraternities. One of the founding members of the birdsong steel orchestra, Belgrave dedicated much of his life to the development of the pan and also to the growth and development of panists. Fellow Birdsong foundation member, Dennis Phillip told the Express it was in fact Belgrave who initially came up with the idea of forming the steelband that was originally based at the University of the West Indies.

“The idea of Birdsong originated with Teddy who was the most experienced panman among all of us back then. He also established certain foundation principles in Birdsong that still endure.

“Teddy pointed out the need to push the envelope to evolve the pan and push the boundaries of the music and the technology. He led the way in integrating the pan with other instruments and also the poetry and pan project. Teddy always wanted Birdsong to remain rooted in the community of Tunapuna/St Augustine,” Phillip said.
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 24, 2013
The New York Times

On a Move Toward Pop, and Denser Rhythms

Etienne Charles’s ‘Creole Soul’ Shifts Away From Mainstream

Etienne Charles, center, joined by steelpan player Victor Provost, left, and Jacques Schwartz-Bart, celebrating a recording release at Le Poisson Rouge

USA - You may have heard that it’s hard for a jazz musician to find respect beyond what seems like a fixed number of close followers and students. Musicians can ignore that situation, or respond to it. Etienne Charles’s new recording, “Creole Soul,” on his label Culture Shock Music, is a smart response.

He’s a trumpeter from Trinidad who studied music at Florida State University and Juilliard, and his three previous albums have moved from informed and flexible post-’80s mainstream jazz, connected to the work of Wynton Marsalis and Marcus Roberts, toward Antillean rhythm and song, especially calypso.
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Web Posted - Tuesday July 23, 2013
Trinidad Express Newspapers

Peace and love on the Parkway

Laventille celebrates drums...

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - The theme of the 14th Laventille Eman­cipation Steelband Street Parade is “Peace and Love”, something the committee can identify with.

For the last 13 years, steelband music has brought thousands of people to the streets of Laventille (in one of Trinidad and Tobago’s leading hot spots), without any major incidents.

On August 4, all participating steel orchestras are asked to wear white for the occasion, a move contrary to the norm as bands usually dress in Emancipation outfits.
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Web Posted - Tuesday July 23, 2013
Trinidad Express Newspapers

Pan music comes to the Avenue again

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - The second annual Pan on the Avenue comes off on August 24. Organised by the Woodbrook Community Association, in collaboration with Councillor Cleveland Garcia, the parade will move from east to west this time around.

Thirty bands will start at Colville Street and parade along Ariapita Avenue, making a stop at Adam Smith Square (VIP Box) before moving along to end at Taylor Street, Woodbrook.

The event starts at 6.30 p.m., with a mini-show at Adam Smith Square for members of the public and specially invited guests.
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Web Posted - Tuesday July 23, 2013
The Oregonian

St. Chamber Music Northwest puts younger musicians in spotlight: Review

Percussionist, Panist & Composer Andy Akiho

Audiences come onstage to watch Andy Akiho perform at Mississippi Studio

Oregon, USA - To begin Chamber Music Northwest’s latest Summer Club Series concert, at Mississippi Studios July 17, composer and percussionist Andy Akiho invited audience members on stage to see him play up close. Several did, some gathering around his gleaming steel pan on the small stage and others looking down from the balcony above like spectators in an operating theater.

....Both at Mississippi Studios last week and at Doug Fir Lounge the week before, the parts of the program that fit the venues best were Akiho’s. His instrument, a beautiful, fully chromatic version of the traditional Trinidadian steel drum, is unorthodox in the chamber music world, and his playing is compelling—informed by classical training and animated by an undercurrent of rock rhythm and melodic sensibility, he pushed the steel pan envelope in solo pieces, exploring timbres with different mallets and alternating the tuned parts of the instrument with clattering beats around the rim.
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Web Posted - Tuesday July 23, 2013
When Steel Talks

Lennox “Gunz” Gonzales – Pan A Way Of Life

The Evolution of Pan Down South

Lennox “Gunz” GonzalesSan Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Lennox was born on July 14, 1938. He had four siblings but he was the only one to take to pan and according to him, his affection with the national instrument of Trinidad & Tobago began one J’Ouvert morning when he was merely 13 years old. He was mesmerized upon seeing his friend and neighbor, Reynold Gaskin, aka Little Brave Boy, playing a pan and holding it with the other hand in a Tamboo Bamboo Band.

In those days there was a band, Destroyers—at the corner of Upper Marryat and Coffee Streets, San Fernando—which he began visiting at practice time. Back then the duration of practice was from about 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. The musical entity later shifted base to behind Rivoli Cinema.
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Web Posted - Monday July 22, 2013
Trinidad Guardian

Steelband loses an icon

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Tributes poured in yesterday for steelband icon Ian “Teddy” Belgrave, who died at the St Augustine Private Hospital over the weekend. Belgrave, father of T&T Guardian freelance subeditor Chenier Belgrave, was 67. A friend and fellow pan researcher, Nestor Sullivan, manager of San Juan’s Pamberi Steel Orchestra, yesterday recalled Belgrave’s contribution to pan. He said Belgrave was originally from Laventille although he was involved in steelbands along the East-West Corridor. Sullivan said Belgrave’s brothers, Robin and John, were also involved in pan, with Robin being a member of Southern Symphony, and John a founding member of Ebony Steel Orchestra, based in London, UK. “Teddy first began in Highlanders with the late Bertie Marshall while attending Queen’s Royal College,” recalled Sullivan.

On leaving college, Belgrave migrated to Canada for his tertiary education where he became a member of Mellotones Steel Orchestra.
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Web Posted - Monday July 22, 2013
New Haven Independent

St. Luke’s puts Kids in the Steel Band

St. Luke’s Puts Kids in the Steel Band

New Haven, Connecticut, USA - Children crossed their drumsticks above their heads, hitting them together to start off a rendition of jazz legend Herbie Hancock’s “Watermelon Man”—and they were off filling St. Luke’s Episcopal Church with steel-pan magic.

The song opened the Steel Pan Summer Camp’s concert at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church on Friday morning.

Students recruited from New Haven Public Schools played songs by artists from Mozart to Bruno Mars to the Seattle-based rap group Macklemore. As parents filmed on iPhones and cameras, the children got the audience swaying and clapping along as they showed off the results of two weeks of rehearsals sponsored by the St. Luke’s Steel Band.
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Web Posted - Sunday July 21, 2013
The Barbados Advocate

Campers embracing the steel pan

Camper Solomon Dixon of the ‘Pan in the Plaza’ Steel Pan Camp taking instructions from Christopher Belgrave during a lunchtime practice session at the Queen’s Park Steel Shed. Now in its eleventh year, the camp is hosted by the Central Bank of Barbados and the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) and will end with a Youth Pan Extravaganza on Saturday at the Cathedral Plaza.

Barbados, W.I. - Students participating in the ‘Pan in the Plaza’ steel pan camp are gearing up for the Youth Pan Extravaganza.

Now into its 11th year, the camp is hosted by the Central Bank of Barbados and the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) and is lead by veteran steel pan player, Kently Gill, who has brought years of experience to the camp having worked in several schools across London teaching pan.

Under the theme “21st Century Pan: Moving Towards Higher Standards”, campers have to fulfil two components – a three-week programme, and then showcase the talent acquired at the camp in the form of an extravaganza at the Cathedral Plaza on Saturday July 27.
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Web Posted - Sunday July 21, 2013
The Tobago News

Multi-Cultural Steelband camp

Tobago, W.I. - The four steelband camps being organised by the THA Education Division Multi-Cultural Unit are up and running. This according to coordinator Rennison ‘Pecky’ Quashie, “We are extremely elated by the response of the children. We had catered for 35 students for each camp based on last year’s attendance but this year the response has been overwhelming, we have registered over 50 students at each camp.”

Quashie has had a long and distinguished association with the steelband movement. He once led the ‘Mason Hall Dem Boys’ steelband and propelled the band to national prominence in the National Panorama competitions. He is an ace tenor pan player and is intent on ensuring that Tobago has a large and competent pool of ‘crack shot’ panists.
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Web Posted - Saturday July 20, 2013
When Steel Talks

A Steelpan Music Scorcher - Despers USA Rhythm & Blues/Reggae Night

Brooklyn Pan Unity - More Than A Concept

Despers USA Rhythm & Blues/Reggae Night


Brooklyn, New York, USA - In an unprecedented and rare display of unity, members of the steelpan fraternity came together under a single performance op at the conclusion of Despers USA’s Rhythm and Blues/Reggae Night electrifying Summer musical showcase held the second weekend in July. More on that later.

If you were not there you missed a good one. If you were there, then you already know what we’re talking about.

The event featured four of New York’s steel orchestras - ADLIB, CASYM, New York Pan Stars and the host Despers USA. The night’s music, as the title suggests, was dedicated to the music genres of Rhythm & Blues and Reggae, performed in an instrumental format within the steelband music art form.
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Web Posted - Friday July 19, 2013
Catholic News

Why a steelpan for the Pope

President Anthony TA Carmona tries to recall some of the pan lessons he took while a High Court JudgeTrinidad & Tobago, W.I. - President Carmona told the Catholic News in an exclusive interview last Wednesday that as patron of Pan Trinbago, he was “deeply concerned about ensuring that the national instrument has the international visibility and recognition it deserves. And, I felt there was a need to emphatically state that this national instrument is ours and put to rest all pretenders to the throne. And I felt what better way than presenting the Pope with a pan.”

He continued, “I felt also that the pan, as a national instrument, is synonymous with Trinidad and Tobago. It transcends age, race, ethnicity and class. It has a distinctly unifying element in this Republic of ours. And, I wanted to give the Pope something that is Trinidad and Tobago.”

The photograph of Pope Francis attempting to play a tenor pan, with President Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona looking on approvingly, went viral when it hit the Internet, especially among pan enthusiasts.
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Web Posted - Thursday July 18, 2013
The News & Observer

Jonathan Scales works the steel drum to pound out jazz beats

The Jonathan Scales FourchestraRaleigh, North Carolina, USA - The steel drum is an instrument usually associated with music that comes out of the islands. (After all, it is the official instrument of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.) Jonathan Scales doesn’t hail from a tropical setting – unless you consider San Francisco to be tropical. However, that hasn’t stopped him from a being a full-fledged steel drummer.

....“I just felt automatically comfortable on it, and I honestly felt like it was more my voice than the saxophone,” says Scales, 28, on the phone from his home in Asheville. Instead of using steel drums for Caribbean rhythms, Scales uses them to create progressive jazz music with his band, the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra.
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 17, 2013
When Steel Talks

Pan Is Beautiful XII

The Trinidad & Tobago National Music Festival – Pan Is Beautiful XII will be held later this year under the banner “Respect The Steelpan… Play It With Pride”

Pan is Beautiful

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - ....Dr. Leroy “The Black Stalin” Calliste’s compositions have been selected as test pieces in three (3) categories:  Respect the Steelband” (Ensemble), “Black Man Feeling to Party” (Single Pan Band), and “Mr. Pan Maker” (Orchestra). Four (4) adjudicators, three (3) Sitting and one (1) Alternate, will officiate at each phase of the competitions.

Participants will compete for a total of TT $2.1 million in cash prizes and trophies. Certificates of Participation will be presented to each competitor. In addition, there will be trophies for the Best Test Piece, Best Tune of Choice and Champion in each of the categories.
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Web Posted -- Tuesday July 16, 2013
When Steel Talks

Where Pan Reach? – Now found in one of the most remote cities in the world - Perth

Launch of first Steelband in Western Australia: ‘Perth Pandemix’
Perth Pandemix

Australia - After rehearsals began on February 9, 2013, the first steelband in Western Australia, led by Larry Carvalho, a businessman based in Perth, launched with its inaugural public performance at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre in Thornlie during the weekend of June 27 to 29, 2013. The event was hosted by the Caribbean Australia Association (CAA).

This is particularly significant given that most steelbands in Australia lie on the east side of the land down under in the cities of Brisbane, Cairns, Marysville, Taggerty, and the Sunshine Coast. One would have witnessed the strong presence of many of those bands participating in the first Australia Steelband Festival held in April 2013. Most of the players also had never touched a pan before, or any other instrument for that matter. Hence the experience was quite exciting, not only for the audience who were hearing the instrument live for the first time, but also for the players who handled the performance with calm and professionalism, a major feat for a first time performance.
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Web Posted - Saturday July 13, 2013
When Steel Talks

St. Lucia 2013 Panorama Results - Pantime Steel Orchestra Wins!
Thirteenth time’s The Charm for Pantime!

Harmonites Steel Orchestra captures three in a row in ‘Small Band Category’

Pantime Steel Orchestra compete in St. Lucia's 2013 National Steelband Panorama

Gros Islet, St. Lucia, W.I. - Who said “13” was an unlucky number? If you ask Pantime Steel Orchestra of St. Lucia, the 2013 National Steelband Panorama champs, you’ll get a resounding “Hell, No!!” It is a very lucky number for them, and so, several times over! How and why?

Well, founded in 2001, this is the music organization’s thirteenth year of existence, and – the orchestra participated in the Panorama competition for the thirteenth year running, and finally, after twelve years of competing and having to settle for second place on several occasions – Pantime copped the championship on this, their thirteenth try! And they achieved this in, (drum roll please), the year -- 2013.
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Web Posted - Friday July 12, 2013
When Steel Talks

Pan Sonatas Roar!! Missing in action no more

Harmony Steel Orchestra’s Yard Opening - Recap

Harmony Steel Orchestra at their 2013 Yard Opening

New York, USA - As fate would have it, or simply scheduling - to this point in the New York steel orchestras’ Summer performing series of launches and panyard openings, When Steel Talks (WST) has not seen or heard the mighty Sonatas Steel Orchestra. Clearly going into the third of week of live performances and fielding a litany of the obligatory off-season rumors, facts and fabrications - not seeing the vaunted black and gold colors of the all-time NY steelband music panorama champions was of concern.

....The bands were there. The music was there. The fans - not so there. It could be that the New York Steelpan music community doesn’t like Saturday night launches anymore. Or the 90-plus degree weather for the last couple of days had simply been too much to handle. Or they don’t like KC’s ‘Hideaway’ - which is now just that - a dark, unlit, uninviting gravel stone hidden area.  Or, could it be simply steelpan music lovers’ frustration with that chronic lack of time management which plagues most New York pan events year after year - the issue of hearing the first steel orchestra, hours after the advertised start time?
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Web Posted - Friday July 12, 2013
Get Surrey

Handbells and steel band concert raises charity cash

Guests collect £1,800 for hospice in memory of four-year-old Ellie Gordon

The handbell team at St Lawrence Church in Chobham teamed up with the steel band Pandemonium for the show in memory of Ellie Gordon who passed away in February

Surrey, England, U.K. - A concert held in memory of a four-year-old girl who died earlier this year smashed its fundraising target.

The handbell team at St Lawrence Church in Chobham teamed up with the steel band Pandemonium for the show in memory of Ellie Gordon who passed away in February.

....Around 100 people turned out for the event to fill the Chobham church and listen to the unique blend of the handbell ringers and the steel pan band.
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Web Posted - Friday July 12, 2013
North London Newspapers

Steel bands and songs to celebrate school’s special day

The primary school in Lovell Road has been going strong for 60 years

Enfield, North London, England, U.K. - Singing, storytelling and steel bands all featured on Thursday afternoon as Honilands Primary School celebrated its 60th birthday.

Current and former pupils were present at the jubilee party which included a special exhibition spanning the past six decades of the school.

....The impressive steel band who performed in the blazing sunshine yesterday afternoon showcased the school's Honilands College – an add-on to the school's curriculum where children can choose to study creative subjects, science specialisms or even learn more about global affairs.
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Web Posted - Thursday July 11, 2013
When Steel Talks

“Panwomen is Boss”- All-female Pan Jazz Concert Celebrates Women in Pan

St. Joseph, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Atlanta Networks, Inc. presents “Panwomen is Boss,” an All-Female Pan Jazz Concert, on Sunday, July 28, 2013, at the La Joya Auditorium (opposite the Jinnah Memorial Mosque), Eastern Main Road, St. Joseph, Trinidad. The show is designed to celebrate female panists for their contribution to the steelband movement.

....For the July 28 All-Female Pan Jazz Concert, steelpan lovers in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean should take a couple of hours off and pay homage to the female members of the steelpan fraternity. Celebrate the female panists of Trinidad and Tobago!
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Web Posted - Thursday July 11, 2013
Trinidad Guardian

30 steelbands set for Laventille street parade

Laventille, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - It was in 1999 that the Eastern Main Road in Success Village, Laventille, got its first taste of an Emancipation celebration.

This took the form of a steelband parade with a dozen bands being pushed along the paved roadway by revelers much to the delight of all present who were experiencing an event like this for the first time in their community.

Although having produced top steel orchestras of the past with the likes of Hi-Landers, Savoys and others, realising the instant success, the Laventille Steelband Festival Foundation (LSFF) redoubled its efforts by extending its vision.

....With no electronic music along the route, at least 30 steelbands are expected to participate. The drum will really be celebrated in all of its myriad forms—Tamboo Bamboo, Rhythm Section, Single Pan and conventional steel orchestras.
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Web Posted - Thursday July 11, 2013
News Guardian

Steelbands aim for the right note

North Shields, England, U.K. - Young steelband musicians are preparing to gather for an annual festival.

The North Tyneside Festival of Steelbands, now in its seventh year, will see more than 100 young musicians from ten bands take part in the event at the Linskill Centre in North Shields.

It will take place on Friday, July 12, from 10am to 3pm and features local players from North Tyneside Steelband, New York Primary and Battle Hill Primary alongside bands from Newcastle, Northumberland, Gateshead and Sussex.
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 10, 2013
When Steel Talks

Meet Curtis Pierre of Dixieland Steel Orchestra: An Original Trinidad Pan Story - UpClose!

An exclusive Von Martin interview with Mr. Curtis Pierre of Dixieland Steel Orchestra, one of the first ‘college boy’ steel orchestras in Trinidad and Tobago. Hear in his own words, Curtis Pierre’s story, in Martin’s interview.

Meet Curtis Pierre of Dixieland Steel Orchestra: An Original Trinidad Pan Story - UpClose!

Global - The name Dixieland Steel Orchestras conjures up serious memories of one of the most important periods of the steelband movement. Under the leadership of Curtis Pierre, Dixieland Steel Orchestra—which was made up of upper-middle class students from Trinidad &  Tobago’s prestigious St. Mary’s College—played a critical role in the journey of acceptance of the steelpan instrument both at home in Trinidad and Tobago and abroad.

Noted and respected veteran journalist and steelpan documentarian Von Martin, through his series of exclusive interviews with key figures in the history of the development of the steelpan instrument - provides us with an opportunity to hear the thoughts and memories of these notables up-close and in their own voices.  And one such, Curtis Pierre, is featured here.
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 10, 2013
Guyana Chronicle

Republic Bank gives $1.5M [USD $7,336.00] for training nearly 200 children in steel pan…more steel pan workshops in demand

Georgetown, Guyana, S.A. - Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony yesterday received a $1.5M [USD $7,336.00] cheque from Republic Bank (Guyana) Ltd to facilitate the fourth annual PanStart Pan Minors Literacy programme which is being held from July 8-25. Making remarks after receiving the cheque at the National School of Music, Brickdam, Georgetown, Dr. Anthony expressed gratitude to the bank for once again coming on board this programme, which will see 175 children being trained in the steel pan art form.

He asserted that the relationship between his ministry and Republic Bank is a model one, and expressed hope that other companies will follow this example and develop a similar relationship.

According to the culture minister, training will take place with students in Regions 4(Demerara/Mahaica), 5 (Mahaica/Berbice), 6 (East Berbice/Corentyne) and 10 (Upper Demerara/Upper Berbice), and the ministry is happy that so many persons have expressed interest in learning to play the steel pan.
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 10, 2013
Barbados Today

A Pantastic Time

… In store for pan music lovers

Barbados, W.I. - The sweet sounds of the steel pan will float across Barbados this weekend starting tomorrow night with First Citizens Pan Fusion at Ilaro Court.

Then there will be pan in two cities when the National Cultural Foundation/ Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation’s 2013 Crop-Over Pan in de City & Cruise gets underway on Saturday July 13.

The NCF will be using pan to connect the two historic cities of Bridgetown and Speightstown during the Crop-Over Festival.

The interest in pan events has been growing over the years and this will see additional flights into Barbados this weekend which also features the Kiwanis Pan and Soca at Ilaro Court and the Neal & Massey Pan Pun De Sand at Brandons Beach.
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 10, 2013
Antigua Observer

Official says local steel pan judges need “more work”

Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - He is not calling it a controversy but member of the Pan Association Kuma Rodney has been defending a decision to allow foreign judges at this year’s panorama competition.

Rodney who is also owner of the Roots Steel Band is accusing LIME Hell’s Gate spokesperson Stafford Joseph, of fueling discord over the association’s decisions that he is not in agreement with.

The steel band association plans to bring in four foreign judges to perform panorama duties.

Rodney says while there are competent judges locally, some of them still need more work.
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 10, 2013
Trinidad Guardian

Pan’s history of violence in focus at Studio 66

Dr Ajamu NyombaBarataria, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - US Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Ajamu Nyomba, will be the guest speaker at Studio 66’s pan focus today. A former Solo Harmonites player, Nyomba will speak on Steelbands in Trinidad and Tobago: A History of Violence at 66 Sixth Street, Barataria, at 7.30 pm. Dr Nyomba is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Economics and Decision Sciences at Clark Atlanta University (CAU), in Atlanta, Georgia. He holds a BA degree in economics from Clark College and a MA and PhD (economics) from the University of Texas at Austin.
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Web Posted - Tuesday July 9, 2013
Mountain Xpress

The next chapter of steel pan fusion

The Jonathan Scales FourchestraAsheville, North Carolina, USA - Though Asheville got a special early-release show at The Altamont Theatre in June..., Ropeadope releases Jonathan Scales Fourchestra's new self-titled album at 12 a.m. (Or, Tuesday, for those who aren't burning the midnight oil.)

Two of the album’s outstanding tracks feature guest appearances: Harmonica player, pianist and composer Howard Levy contributed to “Lurkin’,” and bassist Victor Wooten plays on “Life After D.”
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Web Posted - Tuesday July 9, 2013
Petoskey News

Petoskey Steel Drum Band performs in Charlevoix Thursday

The Petoskey Steel Drum Band will perform at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 11, in East Park, downtown Charlevoix.


Charlevoix, Michigan, USA - The Petoskey Steel Drum Band will perform at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 11, in Charlevoix's East Park.

The band has been an active performing group since its formation in 1997. They have performed throughout the state and the country including The Epcot Center, Walt Disney World, Mardi Gras in New Orleans seven times, the Caribbean Islands and Hawaii. Members of the band include 35 Petoskey High School students. The group performs 30-40 concerts a year, with 20 concerts during the summer. Members of the group also perform in Petoskey's Marching Band, Concert Band and various jazz ensembles.
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Web Posted - Monday July 8, 2013
When Steel Talks

Youth panists scorch Coffee Street with blazing fiery sweet pan music

St. Margaret’s Boys’ Anglican School steel orchestra’s Pan Extravaganza

Crew members of the British Royal Navy Ship learn pan

San Fernando, Trinidad, W.I. - Despite whatever odds irresponsible adults in society may visit upon our young people, engaging them in the national instrument in a meaningful and structured manner from both the pre-teen and teenage eras is a proven antidote to combat the proliferation of social and emotional disquiet in our society.

....At the first installment of the St. Margaret’s Boys’ Anglican School (AC) steel orchestra’s Pan Extravaganza held on July 6th at the Skiffle Pan Yard from 2 p.m., saw the His Worship, the Mayor of San Fernando, Councillor Dr Navi Muradali and his guests – crewmen and women from the Royal British Navy Ship -- become magnetized to these unique and amazing instruments that were being skillfully mastered by youngsters between seven and eighteen years old.
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Web Posted - Monday July 8, 2013
Barbados Today

Pan in two cities

Barbados, W.I. - It will be “Pan in two cities” when the National Cultural Foundation/ Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation’s 2013 Crop Over Pan in de City & Cruise gets underway on Saturday July 13. For the first time the NCF will be utilising pan to connect the two historic cities of Bridgetown and Speightstown during the Crop-Over Festival.

Pan in de City is a major event on the Crop-Over pan calendar and with the added element of a cruise this year, it is likely to see further growth into an even more exciting and popular event. On Saturday morning, the NCF launched Pan in de City & Cruise in the historic city of Speightstown with a promotion called Bussing we Culture to build momentum for the upcoming event as they floated culture through the streets.
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Web Posted - Monday July 8, 2013
La Voix Pop

Parfum tropical dans la Petite-Bourgogne

On y accueillait le 13e Festival international de steelpan de Montréal

The 13th International Festival of Steelpan Montreal ended on July 7, with the annual competition presented to Vinet park.  We could hear the musicians including the Pan Coalition of Maine

Montreal, Canada - Un parfum tropical a flotté sur la Petite-Bourgogne, du 5 au 7 juillet, alors que le quartier accueillait la 13e édition du Festival international de steelpan de Montréal.

Présentée en association avec le Comité d'éducation aux adultes de la Petite-Bourgogne et Saint-Henri, le festival nous a offert trois jours de spectacles et d'ateliers au CÉDA et au parc Vinet.
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Web Posted - Monday July 8, 2013
When Steel Talks

Gills Pan Shop Awarded Gold in International Star for Leadership in Quality (ISLQ) Awards 2013

Gill Pan Shop receives award in Paris, France

Paris, France - At a Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony held in the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile at Palais de Congress de Paris, on Monday, Pan Pioneer Merlin and his son Mazzini, general manager of Gills Pan Shop collected the Award in the Gold Category of the International Star for Leadership in Quality (ISLQ) Awards 2013.

After being presented with the award Mazzini Gill told all in attendance at the International Star for Leadership in Quality Convention – Paris 2013, “On behalf of the Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago we greet you with a warm heart. We would like to thank Business Initiative Directions and its President for the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award. The Business of Gills Pan Shop is to manufacture the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago, the only new acoustic musical instrument invented in the 20th Century, the steelpan.”
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Web Posted - Sunday July 7, 2013

Don’t Miss A Beat With Percussion & Steel Band Concerts at Birch Creek

Wisconsin, USA - There’s magic in the music at Birch Creek Music Performance Center! We are celebrating 38 years of quality instruction and exciting public performances in Symphony, Percussion & Steel Band and Big Band Jazz. Percussion & Steel Band concerts are now running Thursday through Saturdays, July 11 - 20.

This week we look forward to seeing some familiar faces performing during the Percussion & Steel Band concerts like Dan Moore, Iowa City, Iowa. Dr. Moore is a Professor of Music and Associate Director of the School of Music at the University of Iowa. This is his 14th year at Birch Creek and he will be the featured performer during the Friday, July 12 concert "Percussive Postcards".

Other familiar faculty members performing this season include Robert Chappell, Liam Teague, Brad Stirtz and Orlando Cotto.
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Web Posted - Saturday July 6, 2013
When Steel Talks

Pan in the Vatican - Pope Francis plays tenor pan

Pope Francis plays a tenor pan received as a gift by former President of Trinidad and Tobago, George Maxwell Richards (unseen) during a private audience at the Vatican July 6, 2013.  REUTERS/Gabriel Bouys-Pool

Vatican City - Pope Francis plays a steelpan (tenor voice), the national instrument of Trinidad & Tobago (above) received as a gift by former President of Trinidad and Tobago George Maxwell Richards (unseen in image) during a private audience at the Vatican July 6, 2013.

Just prior, and holding his own tenor sticks in anticipation, Pope Francis had looked on at the current President of Trinidad & Tobago Anthony Carmona playing the tenor pan.   (image: REUTERS/Gabriel Bouys/Pool)
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Web Posted - Saturday July 6, 2013
When Steel Talks

St. Vincent & the Grenadines 2013 Panorama Results - Five back-to-back Championships for Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra

Flag of the Saint Vincent & the GrenadinesKingstown, St. Vincent & the Grenadines  - Five in a row! Holding fast to the National Steelband Panorama title are 2013 champions Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra, with arranger Seion Gomez. Runners-up and main challengers Starlift Steel Orchestra were again disappointed after the results were announced at 1:30 a.m. earlier today at Victoria Park. South East Steel Orchestra who were not in the top three in 2012 snagged third place in the musical battle.

Many weeks of diligent music practice for hundreds of steelpan musicians culminated in the 2013 National Panorama competition in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines on July 5th, which, incidentally was also the date for the 2012 event. Billed as “Steel and Glitter,” a combination of the steelband panorama and mas band showcase for Carnival, the Panorama component fielding seven steel orchestras got off to a late start, with Symphonix Steel Orchestra the first band opening up at 8:55 p.m. at the Victoria Park venue in the country’s capital of Kingstown.
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Web Posted - Thursday July 4, 2013
The Trinidad Guardian

Another Mannette makes his mark in pan

Barry MannetteGlobal - For many in T&T and the US, the name Mannette is synonymous with pan and steelband. As the Kennedys are to American politics, so are the Mannettes to steelband. It is no surprise, then, that in Barry Mannette a new generation of Mannettes is making a name and forging a new path in pan in America and the Caribbean.

Barry Mannette’s life has been a whirlwind of late. For the past two school years, Barry has been living up in De Kalb, Illinois where he just graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Master’s Degree in Music specialising in pan. ....Barry is off to St Vincent and the Grenadines this summer to arrange for the St Vincent and the Grenadines Panorama—his first experience arranging for this particular band and Panorama.

He definitely impressed the staff at Northern Illinois and as Cliff Alexis notes, “There’s a very bright future for Barry as far as I can see in steelpan today. Hopefully, someone will recognise his talents and give him a job.”
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 3, 2013

C.W. Prescod retains pan title while
Starlift dethrones Sion Hill

Kingstown, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, W.I. - The C.W. Prescod Primary School has retained their status as the best school pan side in St. Vincent and the Grenadines while the Sea Operations Starlift Steel Orchestra has been judged the best junior community pan side.

The titles were obtained on Sunday June 30th at Carnival City, Victoria Park when this year's edition of the St. Vincent Electricity Services (VINLEC) Junior Pan Fest came off.

The C.W. Prescod Primary School led by the school's music teacher Kesslon 'Tafa' Wilson won the competition competing against four other schools. They played 'Bailah Sanka', a piece made popular by the band Exodus.
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Web Posted - Wednesday July 3, 2013 

Jr. High Steelband In ‘Talent’ Finals

Members of the Oakdale Junior High School Steelband pose in front of their steel pans in downtown Modesto where they became finalists in the Gallo Center for the Arts’ Valleys Got Talent 2013 competition. In random order, members are Hailey Brown, Liz White, Lacie Blount, Sophie Jones, Jenni Shaefle, Sarah Hammoudi, and Ryan Hodge. Not pictured: Meghan Caron and music director Ross McGinnis.Oakdale, California, USA - Oakdale’s got talent. In fact, a bit of the island calypso sound performed by young Oakdale musicians will soon be featured on the Gallo Center for the Arts stage.

....“The kids played well and handled the experience with grace and their parents were awesome, too, as they were our roadies as well,” McGinnis said.

....He went on to give the details about the audition at the Gallo Center, which almost went sideways.

“Our logistics are fairly complicated as there are nine of us and we take up about 20 square feet,” he described. “So we waited on the loading dock with everything prepped to go then realized we forgot two steel drum stands. These stands are quite specific and we had no way of… rigging something makeshift for the audition.”

....The steelband members had to get creative to come up with something for the stands. They’d asked if there were any 2x4s, duct tape and bailing wire lying around the stage area. There wasn’t, but McGinnis said the stage manager realized they needed some help and offered to hold the two drums for the audition.

“There were two guys holding the drums, one for each drum that was missing a stand...We called them ‘man stands,’” McGinnis said.
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Web Posted - Tuesday July 2, 2013
Daily Press

Gratitude Steel Band plans three local performances 

Manistique, Michigan, USA - Anyone who attended a Fourth of July Parade in Manistique may remember hearing music preformed by the Gratitude Steel Band. The group resides in West Bloomfield, Mich., and most of the musicians, led by Chaz and his wife Lady L, are family members.

According to the group's website, the Gratitude Steel Band, a Christian based LLC, started as an offering of thanks to God for the healing of a post head injury which left Chaz out of work for months. The response was to create a musical force of "Gratitude" that would be shared in joy through music. They arrange old and new cover tunes and write originals.
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Web Posted - Monday July 1, 2013
The Sarnia Observer

Cambridge-based Pan Waves Steel Band plays at Sarnia’s Canada Day bash

Kenrick Dookie, 28, plays a steel drum as his family's Pan Wave Steel Band plays in Sarnia's annual Canada Day parade. The Cambridge-based band was new to the Sarnia parade this yearOntario, Canada - The sound of Kenrick Dookie's steel drumming was a new addition at this year's Canada Day celebration.

Dookie, 28, is a member of the Cambridge-based Pan Waves Steel Band that played at Sarnia's Canada Day bash Monday.

"They've always been asking us to come down to this parade and we finally had a chance to because the Cambridge parade didn't have enough spots for us this year," Dookie said.

"Things kind of came together at the last minute."

The band, largely comprised of Dookie's family members, was started in 1989 by his father - a Trinidad and Tobago native, where steel drums originated - and every year plays festivals like the Canada Day parade.
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Web Posted - Monday July 1, 2013
Elkin Tribune

KidsFest returns July 13

The sounds of the islands waft throughout the Foothills Arts Council garden thanks to the student performers in the Pandemic Steel Drum Band out of Hickory. The band will be making its third appearance at KidsFest this year on July 13.Elkin, North Carolina, USA -
KidsFest is coming to Elkin.  The eighth annual KidsFest event is an all-day art festival for children at the Foothills Arts Council,” said Leighanne Martin Wright, executive director for the Foothills Arts Council.

The festival runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, July 13.

....“The sound of the islands will be wafting through the back garden as the steel drum band, Pandemic, makes its third appearance. Also lurking in the back garden will be a head from Easter Island as a photo op,” said Wright.
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When Steel Talks


Great Steelpan Events

Global  - Upcoming Steelpan music events from all over the world
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When Steel Talks

Complete RESULTS for the Trinidad & Tobago 2013 Panorama

  Panorama 2013

Global - Full results for the Trinidad and Tobago 2013 Panorama are in. Steel Orchestras competed in the medium and large categories at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad last evening.  Both 2012 defending champions were dethroned.
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Web Posted
When Steel Talks - Special

Champion Panorama Tunes of Trinidad and Tobago

Panorama Champion TunesGlobal - A critical component to winning any panorama competition is the song the orchestras choose to use as the basis of their panorama arrangements. Over the years these songs have inspired classic panorama arrangements. When Steel Talks invites you to take a look at and listen to, these famed tunes which have played more than just a cursory part in the history of Pan, and the lives of the players and fans.
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Some of the most important, controversial, thought-provoking and enlightening discussions on the steelpan instrument, music and culture worldwide, have taken place over the years on the When Steel Talks “Message board.”  Considered by many to be a lightening-rod for change in the steelpan music community, the WST message board  has provided a means unlike any for steelpan enthusiasts to share information and communicate ideas.

Windows MSN Groups has informed us that they are shutting down their groups service as of February 21, 2009.  You can now find the When Steel Talks Group at 
We look forward to you joining us.


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