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sung by Debra Bernard-Vasquez
composed by Hayden Lynch
 lyrics by H. Lynch, D. Bernard-Vasquez & M. Roberts

arranged by Vincent Harry



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Verse 1

Ah really want you hear this melody
Its a Despers vibration
Ah really want to hear this melody
For this coming carnival
When you hear this melody
You must listen carefully
To the beat - it must
Make you jump ’cause it sweet


Despers, they music so sweet
It does really hit you
Despers music have you breaking away
Any day
Despers when the vibe hit you
It does have you jumping
Special thanks to (Rudolph Charles) / (Clive Bradley) / (Bertie Marshall)
I will say any day
Despers - they from Laventille
Despers - now they down the hill
Despers - sounding sweeter still
Despers - they have notes and trumpet still
Around the savannah they coming
See the people jumping, screaming
And the flag woman, dem waving any thing

Verse 2

They really have to come out and play Pan
For panorama festival
They really have to show them other bands
For this coming carnival
That they still the top steel band
With superior musicians
And dey Pan is the sweetest
Thing in this land



With the triple tenor pan
I like the quadrophonic sound
Can you hear the rocket Pan
So the people could jump around

Verse 3

We going to set an example
For the critics to humble
We going to let them hear sweet pan
Desperadoes vibration
With the ace arranger Robbie
And this sweet sweet melody
You will see, it will lead them to victory


Play mister panman play
Play the music panman
Play mister panman play
Play the music pan man
Play the music panman
Play the music panman
Play the music panman

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Debra Bernard-Vasquez

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Debra Bernard-Vasquez

Debra Bernard-Vasquez:  For more than three decades Debra Bernard-Vasquez has been a professional dancer, entertainer and choreographer. A graduate of the Duke Ellington School of Performing Arts in Washington D.C., she was known to her colleagues as the “Caribbean Queen.” There, she worked with the late Mike Melone who choreographed for popular television series like “Fame” along with Debbie Allen, Gregory Hines and Louis Johnson.

A Trinidadian by birth, she hailed from San Fernando, beginning her dance career as early as 5 years old at institutions like the Caribbean School of Dance and the Hummingbird Dance Theater of Trinidad and Tobago. She also worked with several others including the Noble Douglas, Carol La Chapelle and Astor Johnson dance companies.  Debra also emerged winner of the popular national programme “Scouting for Talent.” She has choreographed top events and performed with noted artistes like Crazy, Iwer George, Colin Lucas and Machel Montano.

Debra has been a member of Trinidad & Tobago bands ‘Rukshun’ and ‘Atlantik’ (as choreographer and dancer with the latter).  She has graced stages around the world including Japan, and also in the USA as a lead singer for 13 years with the USA-based band “Vision.”

Debra has given back to the community, working with young kids and as the original founder of the Francis Gittens Memorial Fund, a scholarship-based initiative which assists young people in attending College and pursuing their chosen careers. She has been formally recognized by the City of New York’s Board of Education as a private scholarship donor for New York City High Schools.

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Hayden Lynch

Hayden Lynch hails from Trinidad W.I., where he was born in 1957 in the village of Tunapuna, east Trinidad. At age five he started to play Pan on an old tenor pan in his back yard. The first song he learned, which was self-taught, was “Somewhere My Love.”

Lynch’s first experience of playing in a steelband, “Klondyte,” was when he was just nine. He went on to play for many others orchestras such as Delphonic, Curepe Scherzando, Sforzata and Desperadoes just to name a few. In 1990 he migrated to the USA and continued playing Pan with ADLIB and Despers USA.

Lynch has penned several pieces in the last few years including 2011’s Children You Must Love Your Mother and 2012’s Steel Pan Melody.  The track featured here—Despers—follows up on Gih Dem Something, Baron, already released for the Panorama 2013 season.


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