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‘Pan Fireworks’

sung by “The Incredible Myron B”
composed by Avis Bruce
lyrics by Myron B

produced by Kareem Brown



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Verse 1

As we celebrate
our golden Jubilee down here
(We makin’ Fireworks with de Pan) x2
Symphonies and orchestras
came down here from everywhere
To light up the stage with steel pan
Nowhere else in the world
Will there be another sight
That will see the people dance
To the sound of light
Start to wave, start to wave
Leh we jump and misbehave
As the band gih de count - we go
(Light it up) x 5


Celebrate -
We come here to celebrate this year
Celebrate -
We come here to celebrate and wake it up
Look to the sky when de Tenor light it up
Point to the sky when de Cello light it up
Jump to the sky
when de Guitar (Bass) light it up
Is fireworks on the stage tonight
Celebrate -
We come here to celebrate this year
Celebrate, we come here to celebrate -
And people from all over the world
Dey come to see all these bands
Making Fireworks with Pan

Verse 2

As we celebrate 50 years of Panorama -
(We makin’ Fireworks with de Pan) x2
Every band want to be champion
So dey came here
To light up the stage with steel pan
After months of preparation
Dey ready for the night
As we hit de stage
We go gih dem de sound of light
Hear dem play, hear dey play
On the stage dey ramajay
When de band gih de count - dey go
(Light it up) x5


Verse 3

As dey gather in the North stand
They come with pomp and flair
(We makin’ Fireworks with de Pan) x2
With dey rhythm section, dey cooler pack
Dey want to hear -
(We light the stage with steel pan)
When the competition start
Is bacchanal tonight
North Stand and de Grand Stand
Rockin’ from left to right
Start to wave, start to wave
Leh we jump and misbehave
De whole savannah just ready to
(Light it up) x5

Chorus    (repeat)

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“Pan Fireworks”
“The Incredible Myron B”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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The Incredible Myron B
Myron B

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Myron B: is a young singer/songwriter and music producer who started his professional entertainment career in 2000 at the Yangatang calypso tent. He became an instant hit among tent goers.

In 2001 he moved on to the Maljo Kaiso Humorous Calypso Tent from where, in 2002 and 2004 he captured the National Humorous Calypso Monarch title. In 2004 Myron B started his own entertainment company, Incredible Entertainment Limited, producing from there all his songs and music videos, in addition to doing production work for other artistes. He released four albums: ‘MIC BRASS ACTION’ in 2005, ‘MANY MOODS OF ME’ in 2006, and ‘SOCA PARANG BACCHANAL’ in 2007 among a growing list of singles.

The Incredible Myron B has also become a force to be reckoned with during the Christmas season with his cleverly crafted humorous Soca Parang and Christmas songs that have won him a lot of acclaim. Myron released his first solo Christmas album ‘MY CRAZY CHRISTMAS’ for the 2009 Christmas season, which featured his past soca parang hits along with some new tracks.

Whether on CD, DVD or at live performances, The Incredible Myron B always injects a unique brand of humor that leaves his listeners/audiences begging for more.

Avis Bruce
Avis Bruce

Avis Bruce:  Ms. Bruce is a professional Steelpan musician, arranger, composer and music teacher. She has been a member of the present Trinidad and Tobago National Steel Symphony Orchestra from its inception; in addition she was a member of the former Trinidad and Tobago National Steel Orchestra. Avis is currently reading for her Bachelors in Musical Arts at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad.

For the 2010 panorama season Avis collaborated with Amrit Samaroo, composing a song titled Somewhere In Tobago vocalized by Steve Sealy. Two steel orchestras in the medium band category, both from Tobago - Dixieland and West Side Symphony, went to the Panorama competition with the song.

For Panorama 2011, Avis composed another song - Pantrix - again sung by Steve Sealy and produced by Kareem Brown. Two bands played ‘Pantrix’ - Tobago’s West Side Symphony and Uni Stars, a single pan band.

Her musical collaboration for the 2012 season with producer/arranger Kareem Brown resulted in Cyah Wait Tuh Jam vocalized by The Incredible Myron B, Avis’ brother.

For Panorama season 2013 Avis and Myron B are together again, and with production by Kareem Brown have come up with Pan Fireworks, the song featured here.

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