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‘Pan Unity’

sung by Garth David
composed by Dennis Smith
lyrics by Garth David

produced by Dennis Smith



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{Pan is Golden - Pan is Gold}
{Pan is Golden - Pan is Gold}

Verse 1

Every day you could hear D steel band man holler
Boy oh! Oh boy! O yah yow! Look at getting pressure
Well if yuh want the pan to survive,
If yuh want it to stay alive
Look is only one thing to help the steel band to strive


Why can we standardize it so every pan man could play it
From calypso to classic in any ban
We need that unity now,
that steel ban unity now
If it’s for us to progress and really to go any further
Well if it’s for the children sake
We need pan unity now

Verse 2

Pan has come through many years of tear and pain
Why must we allow these years to go down the drain
So many men have give of their lives for steel ban to materialize
So it’s up to you and me to decide its destiny


Verse 3

Stories told, talk of pan men who pay their dues
Tour the world and were bitterly abuse
I say something is still wrong why steel ban can get off the ground
Well It’s no mystery,
it’s easy and plain to see.


Ah thousand different invention
Can take pan to the to the horizon, without love and unification it no used
We need that unity now, that steel ban unity now
If it’s for us to progress and really to go any further
Well if for the children sake
We need pan unity now.

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“Pan Unity”
Garth David

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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 Garth David
Garth David

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Garth David: David was born in Ste Madeleine Village, South Trinidad and has been singing since the age of fifteen. He performed with local bands Platinum and Volt Express and had two releases during that time - ‘Bragadang Time’ and ‘We Come To Party.’

David migrated to the United States in 1990 where he performed with Ed Watson and other musicians.

He released a song for Panorama 2012 called Jump Up And Play Yuhself which was produced, composed and arranged by Dennis Smith. In 2013 Garth and Dennis team up again with two songs Music Is Meh Business and the track featured here, Pan Unity.

Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith was born in Ste Madeleine Village, South Trinidad, and comes from a musical family of seventeen children.  He has been playing the steel pan since the age of eleven and over the years has become an accomplished musician/composer/arranger/producer. He has arranged music for Best Village Groups, Secondary Schools, Panasonic Connection, Hillside Symphony and Pan Elders Steel Orchestra.  In 1993 he was crowned the first soloist winner of the Pan Ramajay Competition.

Dennis is truly a ‘Panman Extraordinaire’ - for the past fifteen years, he has been touring the world entertaining thousands of people as a Pan Musician/Vocalist with The Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruise Lines.

Some of his accomplishments as a composer are Movement in ‘C’ Minor (which won second place in the Steelband Junior Music Festival in 1995), Congrats, Play Yuh Pan, Pan Unity and Pan on de Street. Smith also released two songs for Panorama 2012 - Pan In Yuh Face and Jump Up And Play Yuhself sung by Dianne Smith and Garth David and respectively.

For the 2013 Panorama season Dennis has released the compositions Gih Me Some More sung by Barry Smith, along with Music Is Meh Business and the track featured here Pan Unity, both performed by Garth David.

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