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‘Mr. Pan’

sung by “Tunapuna Scanty”
composed by Miguel Reyes & “Tunapuna Scanty”

pan performance by Jahlani Roberts



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Well if you want meh (x3)
Aye, aye, aye, aye
Well if you want meh (x3)

Verse 1

I beating pan you know
From since the age of three
I could handle each and every melody
Whether it’s Indian hoosay
Or Shango music on pan
I could just get ah call
And fall into any band

It getting harder
The notes on pan ah cyah remember
Where they use to hit “F” was “C”
They changing the notes on me
They want to drive me insane
This kind ah thing eh good for meh brain
Come on now let’s form a plan
(Formulate ah plan)
The young and old must understand.


Doh call me your pan man
Ah cyah play in your band
If ah had ah sax or a trombone
Ah would ah travel from Rome to home
And play--- and play, anywhere I say
But all over my land, it eh so with the pan
Ah cyah come and play in your band, so-

Standardize yuh pan, standardize yuh pan
Standardize yuh pan
Ah want to play with your band

Standardize yuh pan, standardize yuh pan
Standardize yuh pan
If you want meh play with yuh band


Well if you want meh (x3)
Aye, aye, aye, aye
Well if you want meh (x3)

Verse 2

Take for instance when I was young
And I was still in my prime
I was able to fall-in any band at any time
Whether they from east, west
North or south central
I could handle it with ease as ah bacchanal

I could ah move meh body
To suit any melody; now that I get older
Cyah deal with all this structure
They want meh to play ah “G”
Ah twisting up meh body
Don’t know what they doing next
(What they doing next)
Like they want meh to play it in triplets




Standardize it (x3)
Just standardize it
Standardize it (x3)

Repeat Verse 1


Repeat Bridge

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“Mr. Pan”
“Tunapuna Scanty”

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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“Tunapuna Scanty”
“Tunapuna Scanty”

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Miguel Reyes

Composer and panist Miguel Reyes, who shares the same hometown with the late Aldwyn Roberts aka Lord Kitchener is from Arima in east Trinidad. 

Recognition came Miguel’s way in 2009 with his acclaimed ‘pan tune’ Bandoleros, vocalized by “Tunapuna Scanty.”   It took Sforzata Steel Orchestra in Trinidad & Tobago’s medium band category to winner’s row.

International acclaim via New York was just a few months away when two veteran and world-renowned steel orchestras - Despers USA, and eventual Panorama champion Sonatas with arranger Yohan Popwell -  also opted for Bandoleros as their panorama tune of choice.

Currently residing in New York, about three years ago Miguel released his first full CD called “Panorama Fest 2010.”  His original content included such as Pan Injustice and  De Last Band.

A competent musician, for the 2014 Panorama season Miguel Reyes unveils tracks such as Pan Is Meh Life, In Meh Band, and Mr. Pan - featured here.

Bio by C. Phillips

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