Trinidad All Stars Says “Leave We Alone” - They’ve Got Championship Business to Attend to at Panorama Finals 2016

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Some people, talking ‘bout the steel band
When they win Band of The Year
Like they doh live here
But you doh - hear them saying nothing
When they win with bikini, and beads every year.
You have your choice,
and the steel band have their own voice,
We survive for 81 years, overcoming blood,
sweet and tears
We just want to tell you,
don’t try to be no judge neither no jury.

Leave We Alone -- by Clive Telemaque


Coming out of the semi finals they found themselves tied for third position as part of an all-world cast of distinguished competitors with a score of 271 and vying for the 2016 Panorama championship. But this is not just another contender. Their name is Trinidad All Stars. A name that reverberates around the world and denotes - champions, professionalism, history and confidence. Oh, and by the way they are the defending champions.

The tune of choice for Trinidad All Stars is “Leave We Alone” written by Clive Telemaque, who is a veteran player in the orchestra. And their musical director is champion arranger Leon “Smooth” Edwards. While “Leave We Alone” is a partially humorous tune delivered with tongue-in-cheek witticism - it does speak to the real challenges and jealousies the franchise has experienced in part because of its winning pedigree.

Like them or hate them - or LOVE them - the reality is Trinidad All Stars has a history of delivering the goods and setting the bar that others will have to follow or break, on and off the stage. Often they are the ground breakers and trendsetters. They are a higher-achieving, self-contained organization that knows how to market their brand. For example, Trinidad All Stars is the first steel orchestra to ensure production of high-quality video footage of their prelim/‘panyard-judging’ performances every year. That guarantees that music aficionados and fans around the world can be in tune with the band’s vibe and energy.

“Leave We Alone.” Hmmm... you think Trinidad All Stars has a chip on its shoulder? Not necessarily; as stated earlier, they are the defending champions, they are the International Panorama  Champions, and they are the defending Carnival Band of the Year for 2014 and 2015 - two years running.



Trinidad All Stars
Trinidad All Stars performing at Prelim Panorama Showing for Judges - 2016


As fate would have it - Trinidad All Stars is playing in tenth place on Finals night - the last position. This will indeed be a Panorama to remember with unarguably the greatest closer in Panorama history (All Stars) doing their thing - bringing the curtains down and closing the show.


Trinidad All Stars performing at Prelim Panorama Showing for Judges - 2016

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