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‘Leave We Alone’

sung by Sheldon Reid
composed by Clive Telemaque

produced by Samuel Jack

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“Leave We Alone”
Sheldon Reid
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

This year, we giving you thing to cheer
People over here and there
From home and beyond
We thank you
For the things you help us through
Whenever we call on you
You always respond.
With your support
You always keep us right on course
Always shining to your delight
Keeping it perfect ‘till it right
We just want to tell you "thank you"
For the support you show us each year.


When we come to support we band
And we have a flag in we hand
Ah say leave we alone, leave we alone
If we in the Soca Monarch, Soca by the River, Kaiso Fiesta
Leave we alone, ah say leave we alone
There is envy and jealousy that exist in society
But we going to kill them with kindness
Love for you would never die
Listen to the reason why
When this thing is over with
You and I would still love it
Leave we, leave we, just leave we,
Ah say tuh leave we, leave we alone
And deal with your own
Come together
And support each other
Tell government
Give we ten more million
Stop the fighting, and also the back-biting
Time to stand up,
For the youths coming up
Leave we, leave we, leave we alone
Yuh better leave we alone.

Verse 2

Some people, talking ‘bout the steel band
When they win Band of The Year
Like they doh live here
But you doh - hear them saying nothing
When they win with bikini, and beads every year.
You have your choice, and the steel band have their own voice,
We survive for 81 years, overcoming blood, sweet and tears
We just want to tell you, don’t try to be no judge neither no jury.



Over the years - was blood, sweet and tears
We hold it together, so now support each other
One hundred and more, we play for the poor
Dey pay us one million, and dey hold back two billion

Verse 3

Everyone giving their own judgment
With some silly comments,
When the judges rule
And late-ly, all them cry-cry baby
Singing ah melody, with no harmony
Running they mouth - talking ‘bout everybody song
And not taking time to look round - to see what they are doing wrong
I just want to tell them, hard work, and sacrifice, is our success - Oh yes


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