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International Steelband 2015 Panorama Results

International Conference and Panorama logo

International Panorama 2015 Results

Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra wins the inaugural International Panorama. They also win the first place prize of USD $250,000 and the “World Steel Pan Trophy” designed by Kemal Manickchand.


  Points Prize   Country Orchestra Tune Video Arranger Leader
1 476 USD $250,000 Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad All Stars Curry Tabanca Leon “Smooth” Edwards Beresford Hunte  
2 464 USD $200,000 Trinidad & Tobago Supernovas Steel Orchestra Dr. Samaroo Amrit Samaroo Amrit Samaroo
3 459 USD $150,000 Trinidad & Tobago Renegades Steel Orchestra Like Ah Boss Duvone Stewart Candice Andrews-Brumant
4 452 USD $112,500
½ of 4th + 5th prize (US$125,000 + US$100,000)
New York, USA Brooklyn Steel Orchestra (BSO) Ah Feeling Odie Franklin,
Kendall Williams
& Marc Brooks
Travis Roberts
& Kernel Simon
4 452 USD $112,500
½ of 4th + 5th prize (US$125,000 + US$100,000)
Trinidad & Tobago Phase II Pan Groove Woman on the Bass Len “Boogsie” Sharpe Errol Skerritt
6 451 USD   $50,000 Trinidad & Tobago Curepe Scherzando Bassman Yohan Popwell Teddy Neptune
7 449 USD   $50,000 Trinidad & Tobago Exodus De ‘Puna Band Pelham Goddard Ainsworth Mohammed
8 448 USD   $50,000 Trinidad & Tobago Buccooneers Steel Orchestra Gold Seion Gomez Anthony Hopkins
9 443 USD   $50,000 England, UK Ebony Steelband  Trust Ah Feeling Duvone Stewart “Pepe” Francis
9 443 USD   $50,000 Japan Panorama Steel Orchestra Dance of Phoenix Yoshihro Harada Yoshihro Harada
11 440   Trinidad & Tobago Silver Stars Steel Orchestra Edwin's Legacy Liam Teague Christine Pouchet
12 439   Trinidad & Tobago Steel Xplosion Thunder Arddin Herbert Aaron Reid
12 439   Trinidad & Tobago Pan Elders Steel Orchestra Party Time Again Duvone Stewart Hollister Smith
12 439   Trinidad & Tobago Tropical Angel Harps Pan For Beethoven Clarence Morris Phillip Morris
15 438   flag flashcard St. Vincent & The Grenadines Starlift Steel Orchestra Teaser Duvone Stewart  
16 432   St. Lucia Pantime Steel Orchestra Aunty Pam Amrit Samaroo Cecil ‘Tortee’ Philgence
17 428   Trinidad & Tobago Arima Golden Symphony Steel Orchestra Ah Feeling   Terrance “BJ” Marcelle Vernon Morancie
18 427   France Calypsociation Steelband Prophet of Pan Mathieu Borgne
& Laurent Lalsingue
Coline Hammel
19 422   Canada Pan Fantasy Lucy Al “Allos” Foster Wendy Jones
20 421   Virginia, USA Mosaic Steel Orchestra Pan In A Rage Jit Samaroo Dr. Anthony Hailey
21 417   Jamaica UWI Panoridim Steel Orchestra Ten Commandments of Pan Orane Shaw Augustus Peters
22 411   Canada Salah’s Steelpan Academy Outta De Box Salah Wilson Salah Wilson
23 406   Maine, USA Pan Coalition Outta De Box Nigel Chase Nigel Chase
24 398   St. Martin Gunslingers Steel Orchestra Pan Revival Aldric Benjamin Aldric Benjamin
  Steel Orchestras placing first through tenth position - were awarded cash prizes, in addition to their respective Appearance Fees (see below).  Those placing from eleventh onward, received their appearance fees based on their respective home countries.

Appearance Fee for each Steel Orchestra participating from Europe and Asia - USD $60,000.00

Appearance Fee for each Steel Orchestra participating from North America - USD $50,000.00

Appearance Fee for each Steel Orchestra participating from the CARICOM and Regional - USD $30,000.00

Appearance Fee for each Steel Orchestra participating from the Trinidad & Tobago - USD $25,000.00


  1. Dr. Shannon Dudley - USA
  2. Dr. Larry Snider - USA
  3. Ms. Claudette Vincent-Stewart -  St. Vincent & The Grenadines
  4. Lambert Phillip - Trinidad & Tobago
  5. Jeanette Johnson - Trinidad & Tobago
  6. Roger Sardinha - Trinidad & Tobago
  7. Damian Phillip - Trinidad & Tobago
  8. Lennox London - Trinidad & Tobago



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