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‘A Groovy Pan Song’

sung by Juliet Robin
composed by Miguel “Mario” Camps

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“A Groovy Pan Song”
Juliet Robin
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

This year ah making meh
No- body holding me
Is energy music done ready
Pans on the truck now going up
Five minutes from de savannah we
Going to jam!
Get ready for Pan!
We coming to up-set bands!
Sweet music to dance and to
Sweet music to dance and to
Groove Panorama


Groovy song for Pan
Mixture with honey a
Groovy song for Pan
Is de recipe
This feeling it cyah be wrong
With meh baby all night long
Jamming with meh favorite song
We up in a band! A
Groovy pan song melody for
Groovy Pan song for the
Festival (Panorama)

Verse 2

Spot-lights from up in d
Silver rolling on d
We on d stretch coming from
Players in d racks jumping
Sweet music to take us straight to d
Grand here we come
Two minutes to go
For us to per-form this show
Spirits start to rise and to
We going to have a good
Time Panorama


I hearing a steelband
Playing a groovy song whole Night
I hearing some Sweet Pan
With a groovy pan song just Right
I love this music
It is terrific
Groovy pan song for the party
Mixture with honey
This for my baby a
Groovy pan song for panorama


Verse 3

Ducan calling on d
Get ready for my
The time is here we have to pre-pare
People got to give way now
Music captivating them in
A sonical trance
But this is d time
Groovy song to make you wine
Sweet music to dance and to
Sweet music to dance and to
Groove Panorama


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