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‘Bass on Fire’

sung by Kernal Roberts
composed by Mark Loquan, Seion Gomez & Gregory “GB” Ballantyne

produced by Junior “IBO” Joseph

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“Bass on Fire”
Kernal Roberts
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Dey have a way dey like to boast
‘Bout tenors and all their front line
But leh meh say, put first things first
Respect dem barrels behind
Cause anything yuh trying to build
Foundation must be in place
And in ah steelband, dat is de bass
Whether a 4, or 6 or 9,
Or a 12 spread out like a flower
Tenors and mid go be naked
With no boom, boom, boom Bass Tower


When de Bass Pan grumble, den de crowd does rumble
If your Bass Pan stifle, you can’t move de people
Bass-Man…..send dem crazy on yuh Bass-Pan
Chord and solo like a Champion
Spin yuh stick and show yuh motion

Is only since Scrunter’s “Woman on de bass”
Dem woman get fresh and want to take we place
Ah come back to spread de word in Port of Spain
To tell dem de Bass Pan is a man’s domain
Panorama, ah telling yuh
It go be amazing
Bassman have dey drums blazing

Verse 2

Ah know indeed, tenors lively
A spider-web full of small notes
And dey lead de melody
And look nice in Powder-coat
But at de end of any day
To tune Bass Pan is an art
Dey doh need no chrome to look de part
We have a lot of tuners who
Specialise in front and middle
But some of dem doh understand
Dey just guessing like a riddle



Bassman have dey drums blazing
Bassman have dem grumbling
Bassman have de ground shaking
Bassman have dey drums blazing


Verse 3

Ah want to play a “Harrigin”
A “Coker” or “Bertram Kelman”
A “Lloyd Gay”, “Wallace Austin”
Or a “Zuzie” bass pan
If “Guppy Brown” or “Lincoln Noel”
Or “Emily Lemmerman”
“Billy Sheeder”, “Glenn Rowsey” blend yuh pan
And “Gunga Din” from Despers jam
Or Harmonites 12-Bass “Dennis”
Ask “Merlin Gill”, yuh blood go chill
To hear all dem Bass Specialists  


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