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‘The Creator’s Gift’

sung by “Crazy”
composed by Clinton Guppy

arranged by Kareem Brown

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“The Creator’s Gift”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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(A tribute to the late Herman Guppy Brown)

Verse 1

The steelpan is, our national instrument
We all should know, is we thing
Men like Ellie, Lincoln and Jules
Deserve some compliments
In their trouble
Understand the struggle
But out of the blue
Was ah man from Laventille
Known as Brown
He’s the one, use to run the town
Ah man, really truly proven
To be the best
Man doh doubt what ah say
People knew there were no contest


Pang - he tuning
Pang - toom padang (repeat)
Is the art ah tuning pan
He captured many fans
Many try but could not understand
The tone and the ring
Was the Creator’s gift to him

Verse 2

Travel from band, to band to sell the pan
Roaming all over the land
With ah passion, working all day
At times receive no pay
With ah strategic plan, how to run ah steelband
Herman had ah friend
And we all know that music, is the trend
One Hollis, would come to assist
Trying, best to keep it conceal, but must reveal
Helping out the posse,
Was the nine-time monarch, Chalkie.



Goodbye my friend, the time has come
Rest in peace, for your job has been done
50 years, blood, sweat and tears
Trials you bear
That’s the sacrifice that you made, my friend
This is the end
Thanking you, for your contribution.

Verse 3

December the third, the year 2015
The general, passed away
Oh, what ah sad day
Now he’s gone
Leaving all of us to mourn
And just like that, on that day he fell flat.
He started tuning, back in 1965 at seventeen.
He Herman, learn from one Lincoln,
Bertie, leh me mention another name,
Granger, even one dey call Bob
From there on Herman learn the job.


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