CASYM Steel Orchestra - Performance
at BSO’s ‘Pan Is Sweet’ competition

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    CASYM Performance -- “Pan Is Sweet” 2018
Promotional Flyer for Pan Is Sweet 2018 concert

New York, USA -


This is a re-airing of the performance by CASYM Steel Orchestra, at the Pan Is Sweet Steelband Competition, produced by BSO (Brooklyn Steel Orchestra).


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CASYM Steel Orchestra performs at 2018’s Pan Is Sweet
CASYM Steel Orchestra performs at 2018’s Pan Is Sweet


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  • Lance Maximin

  • Tyler Cohen

  • Nicole Shirley

  • Jonathan Cabera

  • Darrel Spence

  • Jelani Noel

Double Tenor

  • Kenneth Dudley

Double Seconds

  • Shaday Williams

  • Siboney Hector

  • Isaiah Adams

  • Aryel Atwell


  • Isis Danglade

  • Djoser C. Dillon



  • Joel Nathan

  • Amaya Rodgers

Rhythm Section

  • Curtis Lynch

  • Travis Roberts

  • Marvin George


  • Jerry Guy

Arranger Lance Maximin

At age 7 Lance Maximin joined CASYM Steel Orchestra. As a youth he developed a love for the steelpan and for the band itself. As time progressed Lance challenged himself to get better and better with every scale, song, performance - just about anything musically-related.

Through the guidance of his teachers Travis Roberts, Curtis Lynch, Joalene Griff, Michelle Williams and Sherlanda Willie, he gradually made his mark as a talented player, performer, soloist and arranger.  From there Lance was given the opportunity to arrange and even become CASYM’s Musical Director. 

Lance challenges himself and his band members to become better players and performers with every song he arranges. He hopes to take his talents even further with CASYM and follow Mr. William Jones’ dream and footsteps into leading the band in an even greater direction.

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