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sung by Anslem Douglas
composed by Carlon “Panman” Harewood
lyrics by Gregory “GB” Ballantyne

produced by Leston Paul

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Anslem Douglas
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

There was a time when Pan run things
In every fete steelband playing
The bigger bands would split in five
And keep as many fetes alive
Steelband was community-based
Inside we band
Dem strangers never held any place
(But) now is this man
From that band
Fall een so you impress
Like hired guns from de wild wild west


Steelband was community
It wasn’t about money
Panyard was a nursery then
Boys grew to men
Tantie ‘Dis’ and Uncle ‘Dat’
Politician and Peewat
Everyone throw een dey hat
Steelband was all dat

Chorus 2

Panorama night
We jamming still
Once dey raise de light
Is plenty skill
Dis eight-minute walk is our own
To make Pan talk in the magic tones
In control
We have a role
To sell steelpan to de whole wide world

Verse 2

I remember Ras Ellie play
Wid four steelbands on de same day
Four pairs of sticks was in his hand
And he changed pan and changed four bands
Back then we played 10 minutes flat
120 players
Some bands dey try to use more that dat
When steelband clash
Was cutlash
Pan World was blood and gore
But now is strictly a musical war


Chorus 2


Verse 3

San Do, Coffee Street was Pan Land
Every cross-road had a steelband
Steelband Arrangers held they ground
So every band had dey own sound
Had no Drillmaster in de yard
De Arranger
He would subtract, divide and he add
Dem arrangement
Was potent
No crazy chromatic long run
Stay in your ears when de Rama done

Chorus 1


Chorus 2

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