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Tobago Crowns Its Pan Champs

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Tobago Region of Pan Trinbago has released the winners in the recently-concluded Tobago Region/THA Pan Champs competition which was held at Parade Square, in Bacelot, Tobago, on Friday February 17.

In the Single Pan category, Metro Stars and Hope Pan Groovers amassed 261 points each in the three-band line-up to take the title.

Tobago Pan-Thers led their grouping with 269 points in the Small Band category while Buccooneers and Katzenjammers tied for the first place in the Large Band category.

The event was attended by Chief Secretary of Education, Innovation & Energy Assemblyman Kelvin Charles, Secretary for Tourism, Culture & Transport Councillor Nadine Stewart-Phillips and Presiding Officer Dr. Denise Tsoi A Fatt-Angus.

Ten judges who officiated at the various National Panorama Competitions were tasked with the similar responsibilities.

The results are as follows:


1st Metro Stars Fete 261
1st Hope Pan Groovers Spankiní 261
3rd Natural Mystic Break Away 234

Small Conventional Steel Orchestras

1st Tobago Pan-Thers Cheers to Life 269
2nd Crown Cordaans Flag Party 265
2nd Our Boys Good Morning 265
4th Uptown Fascinators Good Morning 260
5th New East Side Dimension Wine On Something 252
6th Alpha Pan Pioneers Magic Drum 248
7th Steel Sensation Vibes 244

Large Conventional Steel Orchestras

1st Buccooneers Rhythm Run Things 279
1st Katzenjammers Good Morning 279
3rd Steel Xplosion Wet Me Down 273
4th Dixieland She Want Me to Sing in She Party 269
5th West Side Symphony Max it Up 263
The prize giving function will be held at a later date.

Angela A. Fox
Media Communications

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