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‘Gee Gee Ree’

sung by “Crazy”
composed by George La Barrie

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“Gee Gee Ree”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Ah have ah good friend
His nickname is Jitters
And when you see him
He act very nervous
He always moving
We does get real pressure
Trying to find him
Is one set ah horrors
He hardly sit down at all
Yuh cyar find him when yuh call
The fella very slippery
Always busy
Search high and low
He on the go
Like a bumble bee
Cyar catch up with he


The man Gee Gee Ree
If yuh want the man to stay put
The man Gee Gee Ree
You could put handcuff on he foot
The man Gee Gee Ree
You could look for him up and down
The man Gee Gee Ree
Yuh could find him all over town
Look for him here - Look for him there
Illusive like hell - Like the Pimpernel

Verse 2

Ah say boy Jitters
Leh we go Savannah
So we could listen
To the Panorama
But what a mistake
Ah make with the fella
He started jumping
Like he foot touch water
The whole place was in ah jam
The drag was really ram cram
He varnish into thin air
And disappear
Never sit still
He needs a pill
He’s a basket case
Cyar stay in one place


Verse 3

Ah ketch up with him
And ah tell him stay here
Meh wife Joan coming
She bringing some cold beers
He point he finger
When he hear the ‘Radoes
And push it right up
In ah Phase 2 man nose
He make ah hasty retreat
Because he nearly get beat
He tell the man from Phase 2
All yuh lost too
Then he tell we
Just like Ali
Like ah butterfly
Busy like ah Bee


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