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‘Iron She Want’

sung by Derrick Seales
composed by Dave “Booker” Martin

arranged by Samuel Jack

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“Iron She Want”
Derrick Seales
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

She gran mama tell she
Join the band
She come wearing flip flops
Music in hand
Everybody asking she
Which pan she come to play
Nobody believe it when she say
Just give me ah sweet iron - OK


You must have yuh iron
On han’ for competition
You want to be champion
Hear the people sing
When the iron ring
Jam it, jam it
Everybody chant
When the iron ringing
They rant - ‘jam it’
See dem how they move
Now the ting get tight,
See dem groove - slam it
Take ah tip from me,
Now the rhythm sweeter you’ll see
Jumping - dey getting on wild
Wild, wild
They telling she
Hold the iron in yuh hand
Now they like it
Hold the iron in yuh hand
When dey feel it
Hold the iron in yuh hand
Some cyar believe it
Hold the iron on yuh hand

Verse 2

Rhythmic satisfaction, yea yea yea
Just give me the iron
And watch me play
Challenge my ability
Without your sympathy
I could play as good as you will see
So give me the iron, let me be


Verse 3

Now this is my culture
It’s my roots
Just want to play music
And contribute
I’ve played many instruments
So now I’m moving on
Looking for something to
Turn me on
This iron could really
Turn me on


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