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‘Rhythm Run Tings’

sung by Kernal Roberts
music by Mark Loquan and Seion Gomez
lyrics by Gregory “GB” Ballantyne

produced by Junior “IBO” Joseph

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“Rhythm Run Tings”
Kernal Roberts
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

De rhythm bed
Panman has always said
Is both the heart and head
Is de genesis of de happiness
From dey, joy does spread
Drummers, cutter, cowbell and ironman
Synchronise in a groove
Is when Panorama start to move
Is de synthesis
Is de catalyst
Dat really triggers pan happiness


Deep in the rhythm section
Beads of sweat falling overtime
Hearts pumping in unison
Man doh lime
Eyes roll in expectation
Muscles done primed
Dey hold and control every
Phrase !
Phrase !
Phrase !


When rhythm is tight
Everything does be in a zone
De band does feel right
King of steelband upon his throne
A music delight
Fills de air like a sweet cologne
Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm
In dey face

Verse 2

Ah say plenty band
Hire some rhythm man
Like dey have two left-hand
And dey all at sea with no chemistry
Dey have no game plan
When dey take up de count from de arranger
Fire down in dey wrist
In five minutes dey drop to Joey Lewis
Is cow-heel and broth, rhythm made of
Not fuenke-fuenke saga boy stuff




[De drummer, de conga
De cowbell, de scratcher
De rack full of sweet iron
Dey build de foundation
For panman to stand on
And raise de roof with dey band
Dey slamming, dey jamming
Is really alarming
De vibration dey create
Rhythm men
Recognise them and appreciate] Repeat

Verse 3

Ah say Buccooneers
Skiffle Bunch, Pan Elders
Tornadoes one year
Man dey leggo rhythm and jam
With de All Stars and Fonclaire
Every high-hat dat suit a scratcher
Congas mock de tom-tom
Playing with de iron and de kick drum
So win, lose or draw
De rhythm floor
Does build your Panorama score


Chorus & fade

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