France’s Mathieu Borgne Tops PanoGrama 2022 Virtual Steelpan Competition - Results

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Global - From twenty-four, to twenty, to ten steelpan final night artists. And then there was one. PanoGrama 2022 champion Mathieu Borgne from France copped first place, ultimately besting his twenty-three co-competitors. Borgne afforded the audience and judges a unique interpretation of Donna Lee by Charlie Parker on his double seconds.

PanoGrama 2022 champion Mathieu Borgne in the PanoGrama 2022 finals
PanoGrama 2022 champion Mathieu Borgne in the PanoGrama 2022 finals - image via screen grab

Borgne’s prize takeaway includes USD $1,000.00, a trip to the Bahamas courtesy that country’s Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, a Perfect Steel-branded tenor pan, and a private session with a world-renowned steel panist.

One point behind Borgne with a score of 94.7 was Hanif Goodridge of Trinidad & Tobago, who chose Maestro’s Fiery as his final night selection. His skilled arrangement, delivered with competence and fluidity was paired with a fairly red-hot presentation to match. Another Trinbagonian, Shaquille Forbes, rounded out the top three garnering 92.7 points after putting his steelpan ‘stamp’ on Caribe by Michel Camilo.

Hanif Goodridge in the PanoGrama 2022 finals
Hanif Goodridge in the PanoGrama 2022 finals
- image via screen grab

Nevin Roach, host - with co-host Aundrea Wharton
Nevin Roach, host - with co-host Aundrea Wharton on finals night
- image via screen grab

The YouTube presentation of the three stages of competition was all helmed by Nevin Roach – founder and CEO of PanoGrama along with co-host Aundrea Wharton.

The talents of the original twenty-four steelpan musicians from the preliminary phase began the journey which led to the semi-finals, and ended on this night, with the proclamation of the third PanoGrama champion in a row. The very first competition unfolded during the height and lockdown phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020; Earl Brooks, Jr. triumphed in that inaugural event.

France was one of the five countries represented in this year’s finals, the others being Belize, Grenada, the USA and Trinidad & Tobago.  No less than six panists from the latter, the home of Pan, featured in the final round.

Fans of the finalists kept the ‘Chat’ in the YouTube stream lively, throwing out their most expressive emojis, accompanied by encouragement and comments throughout. Relative to the fans, they too, had a say in the nights ‘winners’ with their votes counting towards the ‘Best Dressed’ award going to Shaquille “Flogo” Forbes, and David Yundi capturing the special prize for ‘People’s Choice.’

PanoGrama 2022 Final RESULTS

Name Country Tune of Choice/ Performer

– 95.7 pts

Mathieu Borgne France Donna Lee - (Charlie Parker)

– 94.7 pts

Hanif Goodridge Trinidad/
Fiery - (Maestro)

– 92.7 pts

Shaquille Forbes Trinidad/
Caribe - (Michel Camilo)

– 91.3 pts

David Yundi USA Festival Song - (Ella Andall)

– 86 pts

Aquila Pereira Trinidad/
Portrait of Trinidad - (Mighty Sniper)

 – 85.7 pts

Alexander Evans Belize Through the Fire - (Chaka Khan)

– 83.3 pts

 Jaron Woodsley Trinidad/
Pan in D Galaxy - (Vanessa Headley)

– 82.3 pts

Mikiel Smith Grenada I will survive - (Gloria Gaynor)

– 80 pts

Tevin Shockness Trinidad/
Trouble In the Morning - (V’ghn)

– 77.7 pts

Emmanuel Joseph Trinidad/
Poison - (Bell Biv DeVoe)

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