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‘Cyah Wait Tuh Jam’

sung by Myron B
composed by Avis Bruce & Kareem Brown
lyrics by Avis Bruce and Christopher Morris



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Ah cyah wait doh
Ah cyah wait to jam
Gim meh room so
Gim meh room to jam
Ah cyah wait doh
Ah cyah wait to jam
Jam, Jam, Jam, Jam, Jam,
Jam, Jam, Jam, Jam.

Verse 1

Ah was lying down in meh bed
Notes start jumping round in meh head
So ah write a song
Can’t go into de panyard
Stand by my window ah feeling sad
everything seems wrong
Crime get so out of hand
that we even had curfew
Ah want to hear it from the band
And ah don't know what to do
Steelpan music inside of my head
Cyah go out and ah feeling weird
When ah cyah be with meh steelband
Ah does get on dread,
Really dread boy, really dread,
Really dread boy, really dread,
Really dread, really dread, dread, dread, dread, dread.


Ah hundred giants cyah even block me
(When ah want to play Pan)
Nothing out there could even stop me
(When ah want to play Pan)
Ah hundred giants cyah even block me
(When ah want to play Pan)
Nothing out there could even stop me
(Reach in yard, reach in yard)

When de players come together
It does be much stronger
Right now I’m at home
Ah cyah do this alone
Ah cyah wait to go in de pan yard
De curfew thing have meh really sad
Jam de SOE and de curfew with
Pan, pan, pan, pan pan

Verse 2

Meh good friend reach up by me
With he tenor pan and ready
More players start to come
Everybody feeling hungry
To jam this Pan melody
They really love this song
Now we have an orchestra
Right inside meh living room
and we sounding sweeter
As players perfect de tune
Now is a celebration
We have sweet music going down
Everybody feeling de vibe
when they start to jam
(Leh we jam now), leh we jam
(Leh we jam now), leh we jam
Leh we jam, leh we jam,
Jam, jam, jam, jam.



Verse 3

Curfew done and we feeling glad
We could take it to de pan yard
Now players gone insane
De music jamming so hard
Everybody saying it bad
It sweet like sugar cane
De Bass section breakaway
Fire blazing on de drum
While de tenors ramajay
And de guitars start to strum
Ironmen intense - de rhythm
And so did to conga drum
Fire in de hole - this one here could blow like ah bomb
(Drop de bomb song), Like ah bomb,
(Drop de bomb song), Like ah bomb
Like ah bomb, Like ah bomb,
bomb, bomb bomb, bomb.



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“Cyah Wait Tuh Jam”
Myron B

Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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The Incredible Myron B
Myron B

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The Incredible Myron B is a young singer/ songwriter and music producer who started his professional entertainment career in 2000 at the Yangatang calypso tent. He became an instant hit among tent goers. In 2001 he moved on to the Maljo Kaiso Humorous Calypso Tent from where, in 2002 and 2004 he captured the National Humorous Calypso Monarch title.

In 2004 Myron B started his own entertainment company, Incredible Entertainment Limited, producing from there all his songs and music videos, in addition to doing production work for other artistes. He released four albums: “MIC BRASS ACTION” in 2005, “MANY MOODS OF ME” in 2006, and “SOCA PARANG BACCHANAL” in 2007 among a growing list of singles.

The Incredible Myron B has also become a force to be reckoned with during the Christmas season with his cleverly crafted humorous Soca Parang and Christmas songs that have won him a lot of acclaim. Myron released his first solo Christmas album “MY CRAZY CHRISTMAS” for the 2009 Christmas season, which featured his past soca parang hits along with some new tracks.

Whether on CD, DVD or at live performances, The Incredible Myron B always injects a unique brand of humor that leaves his listeners/audiences begging for more.

Avis BruceAvis Bruce:  Ms. Bruce is a professional Steelpan musician, arranger, composer and music teacher. She has been a member of the present Trinidad and Tobago National Steel Symphony Orchestra from its inception; in addition she was a member of the former Trinidad and Tobago National Steel Orchestra. Avis is currently reading for her Bachelors in Musical Arts at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad.

For the 2010 panorama season Avis collaborated with Amrit Samaroo, composing a song titled Somewhere In Tobago vocalized by Steve Sealy. Two steel orchestras in the medium band category, both from Tobago - Dixieland and West Side Symphony, went to the Panorama competition with the song.

For Panorama 2011, Avis composed another song - Pantrix - again sung by Steve Sealy and produced by Kareem Brown. Two bands played “Pantrix” - Tobago’s West Side Symphony and Uni Stars, a single pan band. Avis Bruce and Kareem Brown co-arranged the song for Uni Stars which placed 7th in the finals of that category.

Her musical collaboration for the 2012 season with producer/arranger Kareem Brown resulted in the new song Cyah Wait Tuh Jam. The lyrics were written by both Avis and Christopher Morris who is himself an accomplished songwriter. Cyah Wait Tuh Jam is vocalized by The Incredible Myron B, brother of Avis Bruce. Both Tobago’s West Side Symphony and Uni Stars would be playing this composition for Panorama season 2012.

Kareem BrownKareem Brown:  Kareem Einstein Brown - panist, arranger, soloist, composer, producer and transcriber began his professional career from a very early age. Displaying a keen interest in music, Kareem took to his father’s career choice of musician. He started his arranging in the band Highlanders which hailed from Laventille under the leadership of the late Mervin James. Simultaneously Kareem started playing Pan with the renowned Port-of-Spain steel orchestra Trinidad All Stars.

Kareem has arranged for steelbands such as Success Stars Pan Sounds, Laventille Pashphonics Steel Orchestra, Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille, TCL Group Skiffle Brunch and Lydian Steel Orchestra. He is currently arranging for Laventille’s Uni Stars Pan Orchestra and Westside Steel Symphony in Tobago.

Kareem has been the captain of the National Steel Symphony Orchestra from 2008 to date and is presently the lead soloist. He is currently at the University of the West Indies (UWI) reading for a Degree in Musical Arts and also received a scholarship from the Music Literacy Trust for his studies at UWI.

Kareem won 3rd place for his composition “Tempest” in the Musicanova competition, and he also captured the Junior Panorama title for his Alma Mata in 2003 with their rendition of “Trini to the bone.” 2003 was his year because he also claimed the Pan Down Memory Lane title, arranging “Careless Whisper” for Pasphonic Steel Orchestra.

Kareem is also an accomplished producer having worked with Aisha Samuel who won the 2003 Junior Soca Monarch competition. Over the years Kareem has produced and arranged songs such as 2007’s Band from Space, 2009’s Pan Baby, 2010’s Somewhere In Tobago and Scratch Attack, 2011’s Pantrix, TKO and On The Bull Track, along with Play De Pan, Grand Show Down in 2011 and this year’s Cyah Wait Tuh Jam.

Christopher MorrisChristopher Morris:  Christopher “Chris” Morris has been an accomplished songwriter, producer and sound engineer since 1980. Christopher started out working in JJ Production in San Fernando, Trinidad under the supervision of Junior “Ibo” Joseph during the years 2000-2006.

While with Joseph, Christopher composed a number of songs for various Calypso, Soca, Rapso and Parang artists, including 2000’s “Sexy Body” performed by Kurt Allen and the band Atlantic. Some of the other artists include Crazy, Destra, Denise Plummer, Scrunter and Explainer to name a few.

Christopher has also put together political campaign theme songs, building his professional recognition. In 2007 Christopher Morris won “Best Groovy Soca Composer” from the COTT (Copyright Organisation of Trinidad & Tobago) Awards with his composition “Cold Sweat” sung by Crazy.

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