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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2013
It’s Five Straight for Arima Golden Symphony! Small Steel Orchestra Finals - RESULTS

Global - The nippy night breeze was warmed by the fiery performances laid down by eleven steel orchestras as they vied for the 2013 title of Panorama champs in the small conventional steel orchestra category at Skinner’s Park in San Fernando, South Trinidad on February 7.  The bands took the stage after their counterparts in the Single Pan band leg of competition - seventeen in all - completed their finals round.

The musical spotlight was first cast upon Fascinators Pan Symphony around 11:35 p.m. as they delivered their tune of choice, “Tell Dem,” as arranged by Daryl Reid.  The band led off what was to be a colorful parade of steel orchestras with eagle eyes on the top prize of TT $400,000.00. 

Golden Hands Steel Orchestra performs during the 2013 Small Steel Conventional Orchestra finals
Golden Hands Steel Orchestra

One such was Golden Hands Steel Orchestra in position six.  Synonymous with the name of their selection, “Gold,” the band dazzled with players clad in white topped off with gold hats, and bass players anchoring on gold pans beneath canopies adorned with gold net leaves waving gently in the evening breeze.  From Golden Hands’ gold and white to East Trinidad-based Tamana Pioneers’ gold and black it was, delivering another arrangement of “Gold,” this time arranged by Andre White. 

Supernovas Steel Orchestra performs during the 2013 Small Steel Conventional Orchestra finals
Supernovas Steel Orchestra

Three bands opted for “Gold” as tune of choice, the third being Supernovas.  However the brilliant glint of “gold” did not daunt the spirit of other bands such as Codrington Pan Family which was prepared for all comers as they took their shot  at the title with “She Ready.” The orchestra gave the crowd a complete package inclusive of dancers who at one point snaked through the steel orchestra.

It was early Friday morning - 3:06 a.m. when the final band, Merrytones Steel Orchestra capped off what turned out to be more than seven hours of steel band performances.  Still none would break the iron grip of Arima Golden Symphony led by Terrance “BJ” Marcelle - a hold that they have now kept for five consecutive years on the crown in the small steel orchestra arena:  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  To say the band and its players were jubilant would be an understatement.

Coming in second and third and leaving with TT $350,000.00 and TT $300,000.00, respectively, were Laventille Serenaders and Supernovas.  Fourth–, fifth– and sixth–placing bands received TT $250,000.00, TT $200,000.00 and TT $150,000.00 - in that order.  Bands placing seventh through eleventh were awarded TT $100,000.00 each.

Full results are below.

Results - Score

BAND Selections Arrangers
1st -  278 Arima Golden Symphony “We Come Out to Play” Terrance “BJ” Marcelle
Terrance “BJ” Marcelle
2nd -  277 Laventille Serenaders “Hammer Time” Arddin Herbert
Arddin Herbert
3rd -  275 Supernovas “Gold” Amrit Samaroo
Amrit Samaroo
4th -  274 Codrington Pan Family “She Ready” Cary Codrington
Cary Codrington

Khari Codrington - Steelpan Arranger
Khari Codrington

Keisha Codrington
Keisha Codrington

5th -  268 Tamana Pioneers “Gold” André White
André White
5th -  268 Tornadoes “Not a Pan Tune” Shervon “Shev” Edward
Shervon “Shev” Edwards
7th -  265 Cocorite West Wind “I Music” E. Raymond
8th -  264 Fascinators Pan Symphony “Tell Dem” Daryl Reid
9th -  263 Golden Hands “Gold (1976)” Vanessa Headley
Vanessa Headley
10th -  260 Merry Tones “Champions” Richard Gittens
Richard Gittens
11th -  258 Old Tech Steel Orchestra “Shock Attack” Sean Ramsey

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