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‘All Ah Dem’

sung by Irving “Mr. Lonesome” Boiselle
composed by Miguel Reyes

arranged by Miguel Reyes

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“All Ah Dem”

Irving “Mr. Lonesome” Boiselle
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

Ah sleeping last night, ah deep in ah dream
But ah hearing somebody, somebody
At first ah didn't know, if to bawl or scream
Cause ah hearing somebody, somebody
As ah turn meh head, man, ah hearing conversations
It seems like dey all on track with the plan
Ah telling mehself man, dey talk with such conviction
‘Cause dey planning to take ah stand.


Ah feel like dey had enough so dey gathering de troops
Putting on all dey gear, man dey strapping on dey boots
It seems like ah serious matter
Is time to come wake de savannah
Rattle dey nerves like thunder,
Is great arrangers standing side by side
With tuners, players of rhythm
All ah dem in meh slumber
It making meh wonder
Like heaven coming to earth for Panorama.
(Coming ....... All dem coming down) (REPEAT)

Verse 2

Ah doh really know, is like ah mystery
Ah still hearing somebody, somebody
De voice really slow, stuttering clearly
Ah still hearing somebody, somebody
Ah toss and an turn but
De voices, still in meh head
Ah cyah get away doh care how I try
On and on dey saying
Dey have to keep it alive
Pan and de panman cannot all die.


Verse 3

Ah check meh window, and meh gallery
Ah still hearing somebody, somebody
Ah check de radio, TV and CD
Ah still hearing somebody, somebody
Doh know if ah dreaming , or reality but ah up
Because de voices dey wouldn't stop
Dey inside meh head and
Ah hearing things getting loud
Ah seeing dem
Coming down through de clouds.


Prelude [talking]

Excitement falls across de land
The midnight hour is close at hand
And bands dey roll from every zone
In hopes dat dey can play their tones

And doh they'll fight to stay alive
Some may not deliver
For no mere mortal can't resist
The strumming of the guitar...

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