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‘The Magic’

sung by Joanne Foster
composed by Miguel Camps

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“The Magic”
Joanne Foster
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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Verse 1

The Spirit of Carnival
Come and feel de magic, Panorama magic
Isabella said, “this ting is sensational”
She coming to play de pan.
She come from Santa Cruz up in Aruba
Going crazy, in pan semis
A vibe and energy a magic melody
Euphoria up and down Bella in d rama


Pan magic, feel d magic
Pan magic, feel d magic
Pan magic, mystically fine
Astounding twisting of the mind
Isabella want pan magic
Steel band music really mystic
This ting really have her grooving
When she come down from Aruba
Go in de savannah
Magic on dem tenors

Rhythm Break

Verse 2

Isabel- la was mesmerized
When she feel de magic, Panorama magic
This so scintillating, paranormal to her mind
She jamming down on de pan
Pa dang pang pang de pang on the tenor pan
In a frenzy, enchantment on steel
Isabella in a trance, dreaming ‘bout this pan romance
Alchemy mojo and presto, on d steel


Rhythm Break

Verse 3

Wave your wand for Pan-o-ra-ma
When you feel de magic, Panorama magic
I tell Isabelle this is not a hex, oh no
It’s D spirit of carnival
The pan jumbie will get you but that’s normal
It’s no logic, this is magic
Issy said she staying down, till d season comes around
This magic, has become d true Trini surround sound


Rhythm Break



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