Small Conventional Steel Orchestra Preliminaries - Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama 2018

Order of Judging

 Medium | Large - Preliminary Schedules & Order of Judging

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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Six Small Conventional Steel Orchestras in the Northern Region i.e. Merry Tones, Cocorite West Wind, Humming Birds Pan Groove, Harvard Harps, Tokyo and Blue Diamonds, started the Preliminary judging at their respective pan yards on Monday 15 January.

Continuing on Tuesday January 16 will be the final six in that region. Those being judged tonight, Tuesday, are Crescendoes (“Magic Drum”), Roadblock (“Magic Drum”), Highlanders (“Big Girl Now”), Xpress21, Laventille Serenaders (“Dingolay”), and T&T Music Stars (“Full Extreme”).

The four-man adjudication panel will travel to Tobago on Wednesday 17 January to carry out a similar exercise. Seven bands will perform their respective selections commencing at Canaan with Crown Cordaans and culminating in Speyside with Steel Sensations.

On Thursday 18, the panel will have a “rest” day before heading to the South/Central Region where thirteen bands will be judged over a two-day period i.e. Friday 19 and Saturday 20 January.

The Eastern Region will be the last of the regions to be judged in this category. They have three days - Sunday 21, Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 January to complete the exercise. Nineteen bands in the zone have registered for in this, the ‘small steel orchestra’ category defined as not more than 60 players but not less than 50 players.

The judging order is as follows:

Monday 15 January 2018 – NORTH –SMALL
1 Merry Tones No. 1 Bagatelle Road, Diego Martin
2 Cocorite West Wind Opp. #7 Building, Waterhole, Cocorite
3 Humming Birds Pan Groove 13 Fort George Road, St. James
4 Harvard Harps #106 Tragarete Road, St. Clair, Port-of-Spain
5 Tokyo Steel Orchestra 2a Plaisance Road, East Dry River, Port-of-Spain
6 Blue Diamonds 39-41 George Street, Port-of-Spain
Tuesday 16 January – NORTH – SMALL cont’d….
7 Crescendoes Musicale Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain
8 Roadblock Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain
9 Highlanders Cor. Eastern Main Road & Williams StreetSuccess Villiage, Laventille
10 Xpress 21 80 Old St Joseph Road, Laventille
11 Laventille Serenaders Cor. St. Barbs & Laventille Roads, Laventille
12 Trinidad & Tobago Music Stars Chinapoo Community Centre, Morvant
Wednesday 17 January – TOBAGO – SMALL
1 Crown Cordaans Milford Road, Canaan, Tobago
2 Alpha Pan Pioneers Corner Hay & Bacolet Streets, Scarborough, Tobago
3 Our Boys Corner Kirk & Fort Streets, Scarborough, Tobago
4 Uptown Fascinators Corner Idle Wild & Plymouth Roads, Tobago
5 Tobago Pan-Thers Sea View Trace, Golden Lane, Tobago
6 New East Side Dimension Winward Main Road, Belle Garden, Tobago
7 Steel Sensation Lucy Vale, Speyside, Tobago
Friday 19 January – SOUTH/CENTRAL – SMALL
1 Longdenville Claytones Depot Road, Longdenville
2 Music Makers Steel Symphony Jadoo Trace, Mon Repos, San Fernando
3 Swavic Jamadar Street, San Fernando
4 Pleasantville Kalomo Kings 116 Pleasantville Avenue, San Fernando
5 Panosonic Connection 10 Macon Street, Victoria Village, San Fernando
6 Philadelphians Funk-A-Delic 3 Quarry Road, Morne Diablo
7 Trinidad Valley Harps 32A Sunrees Road, Charlo Village, Penal
Saturday 20 January – SOUTH/CENTRAL – SMALL Cont’d.
8 Mt. Moriah Pan Movement 17 Purcell Street, San Fernando
9 Antillean All Stars 8-10 Carib Street, San Fernando
10 Old Tech Farah Street, San Fernando
11 Golden Hands 134 Independence Avenue, San Fernando
12 Fusion Steel Ensemble 7 Frederick Street, Marabella
13 Tornadoes Richardson Street, Point Fortin
Sunday 21 January – EASTERN - SMALL
1 B Minor Mon Repos Basket Ball Courts, Morvant
2 Sound of Music 71 Marigold Crescent, Coconut Drive, Morvant
3 Moods Saldenah Terrace, SMR, Curepe
4 Northolus Recreation Grounds, Knowles Street, Curepe
5 Flamingoes St. John Road, St. Augustine
6 Tunapuna All Stars Priority Bus Route, Tunapuna ( behind Fire Station)
7 R.I.P.E. (Revelation Institute for Performing Education) Steel Orchestra c/o Tunapuna Boys RC, Picton Street, Tunapuna
8 Tunapuna Tipica Old Health Center, El Dorado, Tunapuna
Monday 22 January – EASTERN –SMALL – Cont’d.
9 Fascinators Pan Symphony #1 Lammie Street, El Dorado, Tunapuna
10 Five Rivers Modern Symphony
 (not participating)
Range Road, Five Rivers, Arouca
11 Bon Air Rhythm Rockers Blue Mussel Street, Bon Air West, Arouca
12 Arima Golden Symphony Priority Bus Route Mall, Arima
13 Nu Tones (not participating) #6 Coryat Street, Arima
14 Simple Song Pinto Road, Arima
Tuesday 23 January – EASTERN – SMALL – Cont’d.
15 La Horquetta Pan Groove Neville Jules Crescent, Phase 5, La Horquetta, Arima
16 Trinidad Pan Jewels (not participating) 49 Moonan Road, Wallerfield, Arima
17 Jay Notes Walke Street, Sangre Grande
18 Tremolandos Tamana Hill Road, Coryal, Sangre Grande
19 Tamana Pioneers Cumuto Main Road, Four Roads, Tamana

In addition to the Small Steel Orchestra Preliminary judging, separate panels for the Medium and Large Conventional categories will be conducting their own competitions simultaneously.  

Semi Finals will be held at Victoria Square, Park Street, Port-of-Spain, on Saturday 27 January from 1:00 p.m. Thirty bands will be selected in order of merit for this stage.

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 Medium | Large - Prelim Schedules & Order of Judging


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