Single Pan Bands - Order of Appearance - Semi-finals - (2023) 2024 Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama

East Phonics Steel Orchestra Gets It All Going

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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Thirty semi-finalists in the Single Pan category of the annual National Panorama organized by Pan Trinbago, will each take the stage in their effort to move on to the finals, and ultimately emerge triumphant. Draw for playing positions was held on Wednesday November 22, deciding the order of appearance for the competitors.  Twenty-nine hail from three regions of Trinidad–Northern, Eastern and South/Central, while the Tobago region is being represented by a single band in this phase - Metro Stars Steel Orchestra, led by Kersh Ramsey.

Arima Velodrome in Arima, east Trinidad is the venue for the semi-finals come Saturday November 25, with a start time of 4:00 p.m. AST (Atlantic Standard Time).

Pan aficionados are expecting to see East Phonics Steel Orchestra, D’ Original Woodbrook Modernaires and San Juan East Side Symphony perform in the first three positions.  André White’s arrangement of Might Gabby’s ‘Doctor Cassandra’ is sure to be a crowd-pleaser when laid out by Chord Masters Steel Orchestra, the reigning champions. They drew position six and scored the highest - 277 - coming out of the preliminaries.

With 268 points in second place presently, are the 2017 and 2018 champions in this category - Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony. They return to competition this year with the arranger who led them to those two championships - Carlon Harewood, playing ‘Pan In ‘A’ Minor’ in the twenty-fifth spot.  

The Order of Appearance for the semi-finalists follows:

Order of Appearance - Single Pan Bands - (2023) 2024 Semi-finals

Order Single Pan Band Arranger(s)
#1 East Phonics Steel Orchestra Akil Browne
#2 D’ Original Woodbrook Modernaires Hanif Goodridge
#3 San Juan East Side Symphony Duvone Stewart
#4 St. Thomas Silver Stars Steel Orchestra David Yundi
#5 Woodbrook Playboyz Steel Orchestra Aquila Pereira
& Elijah Beckles
#6 Chord Masters André White
#7 San Juan All Stars Steel Orchestra Renaldo De Peiza
#8 Trinidad Nostalgic Steel Orchestra Amrit Samaroo
#9 Trinidad & Tobago Prison Service Steel Orchestra Nathaniel “Crix” Flemming
#10 Arima All Stars Steel Orchestra Terrance “BJ” Marcelle
#11 Marsicans Steel Orchestra Marlon White
#12 Stardust Steel Orchestra Simeon Superville
#13 Pan Elites Steel Orchestra Triston Marcano
#14 Trinidad & Tobago Police Service Steel Orchestra Esan Smith
& Kwame Rodriguez
#15 Trinidad East Side Symphony Arslem Campbell & MN Group
#16 Pan Stereonettes Michael “Bullet” Prudhomme
#17 Trinidad & Tobago Fire Service Steel Orchestra Kern Sumerville
#18 Nostrand Symphony Sheldon Peters
#19 Platinum Steel Orchestra Natasha Joseph
#20 New Age Trendsetters Nicholas Joseph
& Myles Phillips
#21 Gonzales Sheikers McKeem Joseph & Nalo Elie
#22 Metro Stars Steel Orchestra Kersh Ramsey
#23 Uni Stars Kareem Brown
#24 Curepe Polyphonics Nigel Diaz
#25 Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony Carlon Harewood
#26 D’Brimblers Keisha Codrington
#27 Ice Water Pan Ensemble Jamal Gibbs
#28 Edinburgh 500 Steel Ensemble Tevin “Sparky” Shockness
#29 Nu Pioneers Pan Groove Shaun Marcano
#30 La Famille United Arddin Herbert
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