Clive Bradley

by Dr. Dawn K. Batson - A When Steel Talks Special

Clive Bradley

Renowned educator and artist Dr. Dawn Batson speaks on the impact of Clive Bradley

Clive Bradley
Clive Bradley

Florida - Since news of Clive Bradley’s death Sparrow’s calypso “Memories” has been looping continuously through my brain. In the pan world we often pay great homage to competition and competition winners sometimes neglecting and underrating truly beautiful music because it was not in the winner’s row.

Bradley however, inside and outside of competition, was able to capture the beauty of the instruments of the steel orchestra and the essence of its players. Simplicity was the message of his music. Clear effective phrasing and well chosen and placed harmonies added to rather than detracted from his musical paintings. In his music you hear clear conversations between the instrumental sections, as in a drum circle, each section contributing to the dialogue and given the chance to speak clearly. The voice too he utilized in his arrangements, incorporating it part and parcel creating works that joined body, soul and mind.

Bradley was a giver; as a teacher, as a musician, as a creator. He helped us to understand a bit better this instrument of beauty, its capabilities and its potential. He brought us joy through his music and his personality. Clive Bradley, I’ll always remember. Thanks for the memories and the music.

Dawn K. Batson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
Music/International Affairs
Florida Memorial University
Indiana State University

Dr. Dawn Batson

Dr. Dawn Batson, associate professor of music, holds degrees from renowned institutes of higher education. Her Ph.D in music and international affairs from the University of Miami, an M.M. is but one. She was most recently associate professor and director of the steel band music program at Florida Memorial College. Over the years Dr. Batson has fulfilled a number of roles in many countries - including performer, arranger, conductor, teacher, judge, composer, musical director, lecturer, grant writer and producer.  [Full Bio]  


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