“Thanks For The Music, Clive Bradley”

by Russell Pope - A When Steel Talks Special

Clive Bradley

New York, USA -

I know it been said already
For those of us who live and breathe this music
What else is there to say!
It’s not like I didn’t thank you personally.
Remember that night, Trini to the bone was sizzling.
Yeah! That night I thanked you for all the music.
You have given us so much
Like a dream that haunts, I still hear Party tonight
Just like Desperadoes played it at festival,
Cause I was there that night, suited up in rival colors.
Knowing after hearing them that we were under-prepared.
Yes man, begrudgingly I thanked you for the Music.
You weren’t afraid to descend off
The Hill and put wind in someone else’s sails.
Just so the hill would remember the genius
And they would always come back and get you
Because that’s where the hand fits the glove the best,
no matter whose high mas you have blessed
Then like if it is something new
We would thank you for the Music
But no where more than up north
Where you were best served by youth
And a remnant of the past.
Where you invited us into your house
Showed us the picture on the wall
Yes we like strangers were being
Fed, music for our soul
Then you repatriated us to the marrow
of our bone, those of us who
Had be gone to long
Till the lion came with all its passion,
Then we Celebrated,
The whupping of the obeah man,
That never ended right, but all the same
Gave them a fright.
And while they judged you into
the lower rung of the musical ladder
you showed class and spoke
with your Action, that made you in 2005
the Darling of New York
and just to make sure we understood
that you weren’t no Ordinary People
you bowed out in the winners circle.
How could we not say
Thanks for the music.


Russell Pope has performed with Radoes Steel Orchestra and is one of When Steel Talks pan photographers


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