Clive Bradley - The Master has passed

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Clive Bradley

Clive Bradley
Clive Bradley 1936 -2005

New York, USA - Master steelband music arranger Clive Bradley passed away today, November 26th 2005 in Trinidad. The revered musician recently celebrated his 69th birthday. He was a father, a scholar, a gentleman, a teacher, a fierce competitor, a warrior and respected giant among his peers. His passion for life and his music will not be duplicated.

Over the years When Steel Talks has been privilege to have covered, reported and publish the musical works, thoughts, movements and genius of Clive Bradley.

Recognized all over the world, Clive Bradley is to steelpan music, what Duke Ellington is to jazz and Mozart is to classical music - and much more - because of the social significance and genius he brought to the art form and a people. While Mr. Bradley has achieved success on every level and with many organizations, he is most recognized for his successful musical works with the legendary Desperadoes Steel Orchestra from Trinidad and New York's powerhouses Pantonic and Metro Steel orchestras.  

We at When Steel Talks are proud to have called Mr. Bradley, friend, mentor and champion.

Desperadoes Steel Orchestra - “Party Tonight” arranged by Clive Bradley

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