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Finals Results for Large Conventional Steel Orchestras  - Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama 2019 - Renegades Steel Orchestra Triumphs, Arranger Duvone Stewart Accomplishes Category Sweep

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Renegades Steel Orchestra, with its 2019 Panorama championship, is now tied with Desperadoes Steel Orchestra for the most Panorama titles in the history of this national competition - eleven each. And arranger for Renegades Duvone Stewart has made history with this win, becoming the only arranger to win across all three categories in a single year - Large, Medium and Small.

In the large band category of the Panorama competition, Desperadoes, just after 11:15 p.m. was in fact ‘first out the gate’ as they sought to do what Renegades had done in 2018 - win from position one.  With Carlton “Zanda” Alexander’s arrangement of “Iron Love” by sokah songstress Nailah Blackman (who joined the band on stage as one of two flag women) - Desperadoes dropped some serious ‘iron wuk’ while staking what they hoped would be their definitive musical claim on the title which was last theirs in 2016.  An eventual score of 285 had them settle for second.  Next, the musical pace was picked up considerably by arranger Liam Teague and Silver Stars Steel Orchestra with a tight and spirited re-imaging of Superblue’s Rag Storm.

And then it was the turn of the defending champs Renegades Steel Orchestra in position three. The band had not relinquished its lead from the preliminaries in the panyard, nor at the semis in the Savannah.  The sweetness of one of the most popular songs in the land - Hookin’ Meh - was musically hugged through the eight-minute arrangement. And it was enhanced by the apt skit that preceded as per the song’s theme, with the in-character lady leaving both the familiar ‘garbage bag’ at the feet of said arranger, while laying down her terms for any possible future. Obviously it worked, as at the end of the band’s musical courtship, the lady returned - in a wedding gown - and joined her groom/arranger, who had himself transformed in seconds into his tux, for speedy nuptials. It worked for the judges too, with a top score of 288, the Panorama championship title and trophy returning with Renegades to its Charlotte Street home.

Invaders Steel Orchestra followed in the wake of Renegades, definitively laying down the same tune as the latter - and put on what was in the minds of many, the band’s strongest performance in years, as musically outfitted by long-time arranger Arddin Herbert. Phase II Pan Groove and Len “Boogsie” Sharpe were fifth on stage just after 1:00 a.m., and with their musical appearance ‘capped’ off with players in fluorescent-colored hats, and some confetti along the way - they made sure everyone present knew that the “Party Start.”

Trinidad All Stars laid out a sultry, take-no-prisoners adaptation of Nadia Batson’s “So Long.”  Some of the ladies were dressed in yellow tops (several with head wraps) reminiscent of Batson’s outfit featured in her music video. And beloved mas characters Saga Boy and Tan Tan literally took a ‘l’il wine’ (key motif in the tune) on stage to the immense delight of the crowd. Trinidad All Stars snagged the third slot in the finals.

Exodus Steel Orchestra changed its tune from “Rag Storm” to Savannah Grass heading into the finals, a move which was controversial in the eyes of some, definitely in the view of event organizers Pan Trinbago—even though it had been done in the past by other bands—and led to the steelband organization defending its ruling against Exodus in court.  The band won the legal round, but did not fare any better in the final round of competition with the switch, managing only a tie for ninth when they hit the stage with the Pelham Goddard-arrangement.

Skiffle Steel Orchestra which came second in 2018 returned to competition led by the New York trio of Marc Brooks, Kendall Williams and Odie Franklin for a fourth year. The band went with “So Long” and this time made it to fifth place. The penultimate finalist Tropical Angel Harps opted for Rag Storm with resident arranger Clarence Morris; the band’s attire highlighted the signature color, blue, of the performer of their tune - Superblue.  Final band for the ‘morning’ - Supernovas Steel Orchestra - was the third to take the “Farmer Nappy” favorite Hookin’ Meh to competition.  They put their energetic, musical mark on the popular tune and rendered Amrit Samaroo’s arrangement of the piece. Complementing the musical presentation, band members got into green-colored apparel quite similar in style to sanitation workers’ standard gear. They sounded their final notes at 3:30 a.m.

Results as per judges Corinne Soo Ping Chow, Damion Phillip, Joanna Ragbir, Lennox London, Roger Sardinah and Stephanie Powers - followed circa 3:50.

The show was broadcast on TTT Live Online with competent and knowledgeable hosts throughout; veteran broadcaster Sharon Pitt and Chantal Esdelle joined forces during the medium segment, while Alvin Daniell and Dr. Mia Gormandy-Benjamin took up the responsibility during the large band presentation.

Below are the full results for the finals for Large conventional steel orchestras.

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Region  Color Key East Zone Region North Zone Region South/Central
Zone Region
Tobago Region    


Large Conventional Steel Orchestras - Finals RESULTS




Hookin’ Meh Duvone Stewart
Duvone Stewart

Iron Love Carlton “Zanda” Alexander
Carlton “Zanda” Alexander


Trinidad All Stars

So Long Leon “Smooth” Edwards
Leon “Smooth” Edwards



Hookin’ Meh Arddin Herbert
Arddin Herbert

So Long Kendall Williams, Marc Brooks, Odie Franklin
Marc Brooks
Kendall Williams
Odie Franklin


Phase II Pan Groove

Party Start Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
Len “Boogsie” Sharpe

Hookin’ Meh Amrit Samaroo
Amrit Samaroo
Silver Stars

Rag Storm Liam Teague
Liam Teague

Savannah Grass


Pelham Goddard
Pelham Goddard
Tropical Angel Harps

Rag Storm Clarence Morris
Clarence Morris

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