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[TXT] 06.09.05.htm

Pan In New York - Positively Speaking

[TXT] 06.06.05.htm

An Exclusive interview with Patrick Arnold, President of Pan Trinbago - on the 2005 World Steelband Music Festival

[TXT] 05.26.05.htm When Steel Talks thanks you for making GSMN the number one source for global steelpan news and information
[TXT] 05.25.05.htm NYSSO On The Move!!
[TXT] 05.20.05.htm Historical Steelpan Paintings To Be Auctioned
[TXT] 05.13.05.htm Cool Steel notes  this week's most requested selection -- Trinidad's Desperadoes Steel Orchestra playing John Legend's - "Ordinary People"
[TXT] 05.11.05.htm Great Expectations - WSMF New Yorkers Expect The Best New York's Steelpan community expresses concern...
[TXT] 05.09.05.htm (GSMN) Global SteelPan Music News - Steelpan news from all over the world 24 -7
[TXT] 05.04.05.htm Stage 2 special showcases the Garvin Blake Quintet
[TXT] 05.03.05.htm Jazz Back In Harlem - A Steelpan Affair / University of Connecticut Students Hook Up With Pantonic Steel Orchestra
[TXT] 04.28.05.htm Merrytones Steel Orchestra - Trinidad Then, Now and Beyond
[TXT] 04.25.05.htm Steelpan In Japan / Global Steelpan Music News
[TXT] 04.22.05.htm Interesting Steelband Facts and Trivia. Compiled by: Jerry Bain
[TXT] 04.19.05.htm A Tribute to Kitchener, our Beloved Griot
[TXT] 04.18.05.htm The Master Does It Again... Desperadoes Take Pan In The 21st Century
[TXT] 04.15.05.htm Lord Relator and Robert Greenidge performing the Mighty Sparrow's Classic Jean and Dinah  in Stage 2...
[TXT] 04.11.05.htm Jambalasi, featuring young New York Stars Freddy Harris, Andy Akiho and Kareem Thompson,  is featured in  "The Pan House"
[TXT] 04.08.05.htm New PanRadio Show!! www.PanOnTheNet.com
[TXT] 04.07.05.htm Frankie McIntosh  is one of the greatest music minds ever out of the Caribbean.
[TXT] 03.31.05.htm Iman Pascal - Steelpan Virtuoso -Iman Pascall is easily one of the most talented female steelpan musicians in North America
[TXT] 03.21.05.htm Pat Bishop, one of the most respected, influential and celebrated women in the steelpan movement.
[TXT] 03.17.05.htm Pan Masters is in the When Steel Talks spotlight.  Pan Masters Steel Orchestra
[TXT] 03.16.05.htm Women and Steel 2005
[TXT] 03.15.05.htm Women of University of Alaska Fairbanks:The Steel Drum Ensemble Speaks - Women's Month Special
[TXT] 03.15.05.htm Sisters In Steel Rule The House A Women's Month Celebration
[TXT] 03.09.05.htm Mrs. Merle Albino-de Coteau
[TXT] 03.04.05.htm Boogsie's Musical Journey with PHASE II PAN GROOVE
[TXT] 03.01.05.htm Celebration of Women In Pan
[TXT] 02.25.05.htm High Fashion At the Savannah Pan Men Dressed to Kill - Ray Holman Judging criteria "is spoiling the pan music."
[TXT] 02.21.05.htm Garvin Blake, Arddin Herbert, Desperadoes and others featured in Pan News... Breaking Global Steelpan News...
[TXT] 02.18.05.htm Pan Arrangers Speak (The Good, Bad and Ugly) - Desperadoes In The Pan House
[TXT] 02.14.05.htm Yohan Popwell - An exclusive post-panorama interview with the 2005 champion arranger for Sforzata Steel orchestra - Trinidad All Stars In The House
[TXT] 02.09.05.htm "IN PHASE" at last... How Phase II got its Groove back..
[TXT] 02.04.05.htm Panorama Time -- Catch UK's Panorama Champions Mangrove Steel Orchestra live performance in the Pan House and much more...
[TXT] 02.02.05.htm Black History Month and Greatest Invention of the Century - The Steelpan
[TXT] 01.31.05.htm An exclusive 2003 interview with Glenda Forde Gamory.  Ms. Gamory is currently the president for Pantonic Steel Orchestra  -- Panorama 2005 Essentials!!
[TXT] 01.28.05.htm

TnT Panorama 2005 In Review

[TXT] 01.26.05.htm Semi -Finals In Review
[TXT] 01.24.05.htm Ken "Professor" Philmore Arranger Power Stars Steel Orchestra
[TXT] 01.18.05.htm Clive Bradley, Winston Gordon and Michael Marcano three of the leading personalities in the steelpan music industry share their views on the upcoming Trinidad steelband music panorama with When Steel Talks..
[TXT] 01.17.05.htm Junia Regrello, Manager - Skiffle Bunch,  Leon Smooth Edwards - All Stars, Devone Steward - Our Boys
[TXT] 01.11.05.htm Len "Boogsie" Sharpe Arranger, Robert Greenidge, Pelham Goddard, Edwin Pouchet - 2005 T&T Panorama Season
[TXT] 01.09.05.htm
In-depth coverage of the 2004 Trinidad pan scene through Trinidad and Tobago's panorama season
[TXT] 01.07.05.htm Arddin Herbert, Arranger - Invaders Steel Orchestra 2005 T&T Panorama Season
[TXT] 01.06.05.htm Patrick Arnold, President of Pan Trinbago - on the 2005 T&T Panorama Season
[TXT] 01.04.05.htm Xcel Steel Band Steelpan In Nigeria
[TXT] 12.30.04.htm Spotlight on PANCH, the Swiss steelband association
[TXT] 12.28.04.htm A modem version of the popular "Pan House" live music performances
[TXT] 12.26.04.htm Throw The Bums Out - A Holiday Wish...
[TXT] 12.24.04special.htm

Holiday Special-  The Mighty Sonatas - In Video

[TXT] 12.24.04.htm In The Spotlight -- Martin Douglas - Merry Tones
[TXT] 12.21.04.htm Steelband Historical Treasures
[TXT] 12.10.04.htm Now Playing Stage 1 at the Pan House
[TXT] 12.08.04.htm Tribute to the Bass Players From Gunga to Sheldon
[TXT] 12.06.04.htm Africa, Switzerland, Antigua
[TXT] 12.03.04.htm Antigua's Moods Of Pan
[TXT] 11.25.04.htm Pan Trinbago In Review
[TXT] 11.16.04.htm Hell's Gate Steel Orchestra Pan In Antigua
[TXT] 11.14.04.htm Great Performances at The Pan House PANPLE - Playing War 2004
[TXT] 11.12.04.htm


[TXT] 11.09.04.htm

Merle Albino-de Coteau, Esther K. Batson, Dr. Dawn Batson Composers, Arrangers, Educators

[TXT] 11.07.04.htm Cool Steel Friday
[TXT] 10.28.04.htm Nothing But Drums
[TXT] 10.27.04.htm Steel Pan Music World Suffers Losses...
[TXT] 10.21.04.htm Ray Holman Speaks
[TXT] 10.15.04.htm Billy Cobham And Culturemix Performing in New York
[TXT] 10.11.04.htm Nothing But Drums - A Tribute To The Steelband Drummer
[TXT] 10.08.04.htm Steelpan Music and Instruments Celebrate Ancestors
[TXT] 10.04.04.htm

Pan In New York 2004 CD

[TXT] 10.01.04.htm Ralph Davis - Original PanMan - Rolland Harrigan -- Panorama Rethink London
[TXT] 09.30.04.htm

Panmen Threaten Boycott - Pan Trinbago gives Government ultimatum

[TXT] 09.28.04.htm Sleeping Judges - Steel Sensation
[TXT] 09.27.04.htm Gregory Pegus - Drummer Extraordinaire -
[TXT] 09.23.04sp.htm A PanMan In Iraq - A Pan Romance - New York Style - Nothing But Drums...
[TXT] 09.21.04sp.htm Pan In New York 2004 Recordings - Special Show
[TXT] 09.17.04sp.htm Utopia Pan Soul In The Spotlight
[TXT] 09.17.04.htm

President of Pan In Schools Coordinating Council (PSCC) Ian Belgrave; Sonatas' Woman On The Bass

[TXT] 09.14.04.htm

NY Panorama 2004 In Pictures

[TXT] 09.10.04.htm

J'Ouvert 2004 New York Panmen Reign Supreme

[TXT] 09.08.04.htm
Post-New York Panorama Season Review WIADCA/USSA get a "C" New York Steelbands get a "B"
[TXT] 09.05.04.htm Sonatas Steel Orchestra 2004 New York Panorama Champions
[TXT] 09.03.04.htm Notting Hill Carnival - 2004 National Panorama - Champions of Steel Mangrove Steelband Wins
[TXT] 09.01.04.htm Sonatas Under NYPD Curfew
[TXT] 08.30.04.htm Trinidad and Tobago Steelband Music Festival - EXODUS WINS AGAIN!
[TXT] 08.27.04.htm Will The Evil Empire Strike Again? -- Sonatas' New Arranger intends to Make Serious Waves
[TXT] 08.24.04.htm New York Panist Set to Attend Prestigious Music School -- Pissed-Off Pan Men
[TXT] 08.20.04.htm Yard Watch 2004 - CYP - Pan Phoniks
[TXT] 08.16.04.htm CASYM - Radoes hold launch -- Yard watch - Pantonic , CASYM
[TXT] 08.13.04.htm New York Panorama Appearance Positions Set
[TXT] 08.10.04.htm What's Up with the sound? - Sonatas Launch - Pantonic In Baltimore - Councilman at Pantonic
[TXT] 08.05.04.htm Throw out the bums!!!  State of Pan In New York
[TXT] 08.04.04.htm Yard Watch 2004 - Despers -- D'Radoes -- Despers Launch - Pantonic Launch -
 [TXT] 08.02.04.htm Yard Watch 2004 - Crossfire -- Pantonic Launch - No Money For Pan
[TXT] 07.30.04.htm Yard Watch 2004 -- Sonatas - Harmony
[TXT] 07.28.04.htm Yard Watch 2004 -- Sesame Flyers - Marsicans - Pantonic
[TXT] 07.25.04.htm Vandal destroys Utopia Pan Soul: The Next Generation's instruments -- CASYM CD COMING SOON
[TXT] 07.22.04.htm Pelham Goddard An Exclusive Interview
[TXT] 07.20.04.htm YOKOHAMA STEEL PAN FIESTA 2004 -- Robert Greenidge An Exclusive Interview
[TXT] 07.18.04.htm Iron Men Talking Steel
[TXT] 07.13.04.htm "SteelPanSuperGirls" Give their premiere performance at the Kita Summer Festival in East Park, Germany..
[TXT] 07.12.04.htm Marsicans Steel Orchestra annual Pan Launch brings out New York rank and file in droves.
[TXT] 07.08.04.htm SESAME Flyers' Steel Pan Extravaganza DVD...
[TXT] 07.05.04.htm CASYM Steel Orchestra at the International African Arts Festival
[TXT] 07.02.04.htm Alls well on the pan front... Panonthenet set new records
[TXT] 06.30.04.htm

NORDFest 2004 Steelband Festival

[TXT] 06.27.04.htm Washington D.C. Carnival In Review
[TXT] 06.25.04.htm Move Over Beethoven
[TXT] 06.23.04.htm Pan Jazz 2004 at Lincoln Center A Review
[TXT] 06.16.04.htm New York Bands Come Out To Play - Crossfire Launch - Pathmark Multi-Cultural Festival
[TXT] 06.08.04.htm      Pan Spotlight : Sesame Flyers -- Steel Pan Extravaganza
[TXT] 06.02.04.htm CASYM Steel Orchestra In The Spotlight
[TXT] 05.30.04.htm STEEL PRAISIN' in the spotlight
[TXT] 05.28.04.htm Sesame Flyers international, Winthrop Beacon  Program,-
[TXT] 05.20.04.htm Utopia Pan Soul- The Next Generation - Opens Summer season with a blast...
[TXT] 05.12.04.htm Pantonic Live!! gets a thumbs up review in Air Jamaica's SkyWritings - "PanGanG"
[TXT] 05.06.04.htm

Pan Explosion 2004 Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Notting Hill Carnival.

[TXT] 05.05.04.htm 

WBGO Plants Seeds for the Future of Pan and Jazz through it's Free Children's Jazz Series

[TXT] 04.27.04.htm BT Melodians Steel Orchestra visit to Pyongyang North Korea
[TXT] 04.26.04.htm Utopia Pan Soul - Band Launch/ Crossfire Band Launch
[TXT] 04.21.04.htm A Special Black Music Month (PanJazz at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center)
[TXT] 04.18.04.htm Women In Steel perform at Brooklyn Museum's gala celebration
[TXT] 04.14.04.htm THE LONGTIME STEELBAND Khalick J. Hewitt / Andy at Satalla's
[TXT] 04.11.04.htm Exclusive Interview with Steelpan Legend Emmanuelle 'Cobo' Jack Riley
[TXT] 04.08.04.htm Exclusive Interview with Andy Narell
[TXT] 04.04.04.htm  April/March Pan Briefs
[TXT] 04.02.04.htm Part 3 Master Series - Pelham Goddard, Clive Bradley and Ken Philmore
[TXT] 03.29.04.htm Part 2 Master Series - Pelham Goddard, Clive Bradley and Ken Philmore
[TXT] 03.26.04.htm Part 1 Master Series - Pelham Goddard, Clive Bradley and Ken Philmore
[TXT] 03.24.04.htm Here is a sneak preview of our upcoming "In The Yard Series."
[TXT] 03.21.04.htm  ADLIB Steel Orchestra Set For Spotlight At Lincoln Center
[TXT] 03.19.04.htm It's Women's Month...
[TXT] 03.18.04.htm Phase 2 In Spotlight
[TXT] 03.16.04.htm Educators' Series  --  Renegades In The Spotlight