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Semi Finals Results for Small Steel Orchestras - Trinidad & Tobago National Steelband Panorama 2017

Update:  Full RESULTS Summary

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. -  The final night line-up in the Small steel orchestra category is set for the 2017 Panorama season.  With a tie (one among several), between Old Tech and Uptown Fascinators steel orchestras for fourteenth position, the number of finalists increases to fifteen instead of fourteen.  The musical battle for the championship in this category is now ten days away - Thursday 23 February - and plays out at the Skinner Park venue in South Trinidad. 

The small steel orchestras will have the night all to themselves, as a break in tradition occurred.  The Single Pan Bands have customarily joined the small steel orchestras for Final night, however for the 2017 season, the former have instead already completed their championship competition.

From an original field of forty-five competitors, the final fifteen small steel orchestras bested fifteen other bands from the thirty semi-finalists who were part of the “Savannah Party” which unfolded at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain, north Trinidad, on February 12.  The defending champions, Arima Golden Symphony, will no doubt try to make up much ground as they are now currently in tie for tenth place, being awarded 267 points.   They will have to trounce all who scored more points than they, including the current top three - La Horquetta Pan Groove, Our Boys and Fascinators Pan Symphony, respectively.  

Following are the full results for the thirty Small Steel Orchestra semi-finalists.

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Region  Color Key East Zone Region North Zone Region South/Central
Zone Region
Tobago Region    


Small Conventional Steel Orchestras

1st  274 pts La Horquetta Pan Groove
LH Pan Groove band logo - When Steel Talks
In De Minor
Kion Robinson
2nd  272 pts Our Boys
Our Boys Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks
Good Morning Anslem “Moon” Campbell
 Anslem “Moon” Campbell
3rd  271 pts Fascinators Pan Symphony
Fascinators Pan Symphony band logo - When Steel Talks
Unforgettable Yohan Popwell
Yohan Popwell
3rd  271 pts Fusion Steel
Fusion Steel band logo - When Steel Talks
Magic Drum
Dike Samai
5th  270 pts Tobago Pan-Thers
Pan-Thers Steel Orchestra
Cheers To Life Kenneth “Panam” Clarke
Kenneth “PanAm” Clarke
6th  269 pts Siparia Deltones 
Siparia Deltones band logo  - When Steel Talks
Bun Dem Carlton “Zanda” Alexander
Carlton “Zanda” Alexander
7th  268 pts Longdenville Claytones Soca Baptist Keith Salcedo
7th  268 pts Tamana Pioneers
Tamana Pioneers Steel Orchestra -  When Steel Talks
Dollar Richard Gittens
Richard Gittens
7th  268 pts Tornadoes
Tornadoes Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks
Spankin’ - A Tribute Shervon “Shev” Edward
Shervon “Shev” Edwards
10th  267 pts Arima Golden Symphony
Arima Golden Symphony Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks
Champions Terrance “BJ” Marcelle
Terrance “BJ” Marcelle
10th  267 pts Laventille Serenaders
Laventille Serenaders - When Steel Talks
First Place Arddin Herbert
Arddin Herbert
12th  266 pts New East Side Dimension Wine On Something Ken “Professor” Philmore
Ken “Professor” Philmore
13th  265 pts Crown Cordaans
Crown Cordaans Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks
Flag Party Khari Codrington - Steelpan Arranger
 Khari Codrington
14th  264 pts Old Tech Steel Orchestra
Old Tech Steel Orchestra - When Steel Talks
“Ooh La La” Sean Ramsey
14th  264 pts Uptown Fascinators
Uptown Fascinators Steel Orchestra - When Steel Talks
Good Morning
Ojay Richards
16th  263 pts Alpha Pan Pioneers
Alpha Pan Pioneers
Magic Drum
Marina Marfan
17th  262 pts Harvard Harps
Harvard Harps Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks
Gee Gee Ree Douglas “Dougie” Redon
Douglas “Dougie” Redon
17th  262 pts Roadblock
Roadblock Steel Orchestra
Stranger Lyndon Spencer
Lyndon “Papa Chunks” Spencer 
19th  261 pts Crescendoes Musicale
Crescendoes Musicale band logo  - When Steel Talks
Abundance Curtis Edwards
Curtis Edwards
19th  261 pts Moods
Moods Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks
People Adrian Jaikaran
Adrian Jaikaran
19th  261 pts Simple Song In De Minor Kendal Bowen
22nd  260 pts Golden Hands
Golden Hands Steel Orchestra logo
Push! Vanessa Headley
Vanessa Headley
23rd  259 pts Highlanders
Highlanders Steel Orchestra
Single Kareem Brown
Kareem Brown
24th  258 pts Merry Tones
Merrytones Steel Orchcestra logo
Full Extreme Eric McAllister
A. Eric Mc Allister 
25th  257 pts Blue Diamonds
Blue Diamonds Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks
“Miss Tourist”
Steve Jemmot
26th  256 pts R.I.P.E. (Revelation Institute for Performing Education)
R.I.P.E. (Revelation Institute for Performing Education) -  When Steel Talks
Say Say
Danté Pantin
27th  254 pts Kalomo Kings “Fete” Jason Farrell
28th  253 pts Steel Sensation
Steel Sensation Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks
Joshua Jerry
29th  252 pts Funkadelic Steel Orchestra “Bum Bum” Roland “Moose” Joseph
30th 251 pts Tunapuna Tipica The Magic Harold Headley
Denzil Headley

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