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December 2010
The Spirit of Fela! lives on
Which Pan Songs do you like for Panorama 2011?  Recommend them!
‘Battle Zone’ is top Soca Pan Song of the Year
Andy Akiho continues to create for Steelpan & Orchestra
Canada Steelpan Musician, former Trinidad & Tobago National Steelband member Alton C. Clarke remembered
Honoring pioneers: Music Literacy Trust host awards - Steelpan Notables in the Spotlight
Silver Stars Steel Orchestra host concert series:  Parang and Steel is all grown up
The Greatness that greatness demands - The Prodigal Prince Returns with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater - Geoffrey Holder and Judith Jamison
The Prodigal Prince comes to life - Alvin Ailey dancers showcase Geoffrey Holder’s grand vision
Andy Akiho takes the steelpan to Yale School of Music
Panman/Film maker Dalton Narine picks up Award
The British Association of Steelbands 12th Annual Awards
National Junior Steelband Festival 2010: Results - Trinidad and Tobago
Tragedy for New York Steelpan Community - Steelpan music supporter murdered
Bowei keeps Steelpan flag flying in Nigeria - Against the odds
Nigeria Steelpan Festival for Secondary Schools
National Junior Steelband Festival 2010 - Trinidad & Tobago
Vanessa Alexandra Headley - Steelpan Gem
Integrating The Three Elements of Carnival: Steelpan, Calypso and Mas - Summary of 3rd International Conference on Steelpan
November 2010
Global Steelpan Community Expands - A Message to the When Steel Talks Family
Robert Greenidge + Steelpan + Xmas = “A Coral Reefer Christmas” - A WST CD Review
A stalwart Mosaic Steel Orchestra prevails despite ‘Tomas’
Open Steelband letter to the Mayor of San Fernando, Trinidad
Legendary Artisan Geoffrey Holder, the Prodigal Prince and Steelband ‘Firsts’
Indiana Steel Pan Association up and running
Slain Steelpan Player to be honored with Talent Expression dedication
Tragedy for Trinidad’s Southern Steelband Community - Female Panist murdered
Pamberi Steel Orchestra launches its latest CD “PARIS PAN JAM”
NIU Steelband 2010 Fall Concert Broadcast
Put the Steelband back in the Carnival
Pan gorn clear!
Facebook, When Steel Talks, and the Steelpan Music Community
Liam Teague + Robert Chappell - “Open Window”
All Stars Steel Orchestra commemorates 75 years with Classical Jewels IX concert
Happy Birthday: The Master Remembered “Clive Bradley”
2010 Autumn Leaves on Steel
PhotoPlus Expo 2010: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in High Relief
October 2010
In Search of HD for One Million Steelband Music Fans at the 2010 PhotoPlus Expo
- Sony HDR-AX2000 and NEX-VG10 Camcorders Shine
PhotoPlus Expo 2010:  Go, See, Learn
2010 PhotoPlus International Conference & Expo - and the Steel Orchestra: The Nexus
Happy Birthday to the Great One!  Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
The Earl of Pan wears his crown gracefully
The Pan Man who directed Mas Man returns to the Big Apple
In Search of a Steelband in Harlem - African-American Day Parade 2010 features no Steelpan
Trinidad and Tobago 2011 Panorama Schedule
Sonatas Steel Orchestra - Steelband Classics
The 3rd International Conference on Steelpan
Beverly Griffith - Trinidad & Tobago’s Panorama Revisited
Pan Podium Magazine - On the Pulse of Pan in the UK - Summer 2010 - Issue 21
Clive Bradley on the 2004 Trinidad and Tobago Steelband Panorama - a Dalton Narine interview
The Demise of the Steelband Panorama - and the Possible Solution
Bertie Marshall - The Steel Pan Visionary:  The Film
September 2010
The best of the best, New York Panorama Drummers
New York Mayor Bloomberg and New Pioneers Terrorize Steelband Youth
  A clear case of reckless endangerment of youth, family and community...
The Tale of the Disappearing Pan yard - A Steelband Tale - Terror, terror, terror!
 - A Very Real Possibility - Sometime in the very near future...
Steelband Music Panyard Panorama Recordings:  Basement Recordings captures “Pan in New York” 2010
Panorama And The Power Of Context
Meet Stanley Joseph - Captain of Sonatas Steel Orchestra
Mas, Mud, Paint and Steelpan rule New York J’Ouvert 2010
Sonatas Steel Orchestra Repeats as Panorama Champions for 2010 - And Owns New York
Pan Sonatas return as Champions for New York Panorama 2010! - Full NY Panorama Results!
CASYM caps off 2010 New York Steelband Launches
The Saga Begins - The Road to the NY Panorama Championship
August 2010
The Pan View - from the Pan Yard of D’Radoes Steel Orchestra
Basement Recordings’ 2010 New York Pan Yard Recording Schedule
The Pan View - from the Pan Yard of Pantonic Steel Orchestra
The Pan View - from the Pan Yard of CASYM Steel Orchestra
The Pan View - from the Pan Yard of Despers USA Steel Orchestra
Ian Jones: from Pan Man to Social Service Administrator, and back
UK National Panorama ‘Champions of Steel’ 2010
The Pan View - from the Pan Yard of Sonatas Steel Orchestra
The Pan View - from the Pan Yards of Sesame Flyers and CrossFire Steel Orchestras
Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra Pan Yard Vandalized!
Remember Rebecca?
   A look at one of the most intriguing moments in steelband history - Panorama 1983
Sonatas Steelband Launch - Method to the Madness
The Prime Minister, Pan and Tassa on Madison Avenue - India Day Parade 2010
Sunday serving of Steelpan Music at D’Radoes Band Launch
Junior Panorama Steelband Competition 2K10 in UK
Angel Harps Steel Orchestra delivers winning “Bomb Tune” for 2010
Steelpan fraternity members to receive Awards
Four Champions Plus One - Launch Equals Steelpan Music Magic
New York Panorama 2010 - Arrangers, Order of Appearance and Tunes
New York Pan Yards for 2010
Trafalgar Square Pan Jamboree 2010
Despers USA Steel Orchestra Launch - Ready for 2010 - Steelband Musical Superiority is the goal
Pan Sonatas Steel Orchestra - Sports Day:  New York Steelband Fraternity Come Together
 for Fun, Fun Fun
July 2010
Salah’s Steelpan Academy Wins Fourth Consecutive Steelband Music Title!  Full Results from Pan Alive 2010
Halcyon Steel Orchestra Wins Antigua & Barbuda 2010 National Panorama Title:
Victor “Babu” Samuel is winning arranger!

Grenada celebrates a “Pantastic Saturday” with Bomb and Tribute Tunes for 2010
18th Cudrefin Steelband Festival showcases CSI and more
2010 Antigua & Barbuda Steelband Panorama Line-up Set - Bands strive for Glory!
An ‘Oops Moment’ for Steelband - New York Style!
 - New York Steelbands left out of their own Panorama Promotion!
Pan in the 21st Century 2010:  the DVD
Steelpan Great Francis “Patsy” Haynes Remembered
Gold Mine for Future Steelpan Musicians and Others - The City Angels Music Programme
Bravo! “The Pan Man” is the real deal
Top Steelband Leader Mack Scott honored in New York
August designated Steelband Month - “Total Local” says Pan Trinbago
The Show Must Go On! - Power of the Steelpan
- 2010 Montreal International Steelpan Festival in Full Review
Pan & Dance inspire Princes Town 2010 Graduating Class
June 2010
Ace Steelpan musician Ryan Joseph is ‘Lypo Tom’ in “The Pan Man”
Organizers Focused on 2011 Steelpan Festival:  Reviewing Applications Now!
Carl Chase - The Man Behind Steelpan in Maine
Starlift Junior Steel Orchestra captures the hearts and minds of Montréal for F.I.S.M.
Best Steel Orchestras in the World assemble at “POP Meets STEEL
Pan Sonatas heat things up with hot Curry
Steelbands join NAPA Fest:  ‘Pop Meets Steel’ – an Explosion of Culture
The Passing of Music Educator and Steelpan Activist Esther Batson
Students Graduate from P.H.I. (Electronic Pan) Programme
Boycott Avoided - Grenada Steelband Association Approve Carnival Plan
 - Carnival Saturday will be a ‘Pantastic Saturday’
Desperadoes’ Great New York Triumph
Utopia Pan Soul SteelPan Jazz Brunch
Introducing Pan Oasis - Grenada’s newest Steel Orchestra
Steelpan Educator Martin Albino receives prestigious Moulin D’or 2010 Award
An Exclusive with Steelband Arranger Jeannine Remy - Winning Arranger for 2010 Pan in the 21st Century
May 2010
Sforzata Steel Orchestra Triumphs in Pan in the 21st Century 2010
Watch 2010 Pan in the 21st Century on WST
2010 Pan in the 21st Century Final night - Steel Orchestras’ Order of Appearance
Happy Birthday, André White!!
Alyson Brown MBM and Steelpan Musician Hugh Borde - 2010 WeBeat Honorees
Chinese Steelband plays in Dublin
Steelband Classics - Marsicans Steel Orchestra Dead or Alive
The Arrival of Steel Drums in Trinidad - A Pan Story
Trouble in Grenada!  Steel Band Association Boycotts 2010 Steelband Panorama!
From the Mind of a Pan Man - Dalton Narine Speaks
Steel Orchestra finalists set for 2010 Pan in the 21st Century
Panists Pay Tribute to Moms
Panache Steel Orchestra on the right track!
Happy Mother’s Day
Trinidad & Tobago Chinese Steel Ensemble heads to Ireland on tour
Pan in the 21st Century Prelims begin with Tobago’s Our Boys and Katzenjammers steel orchestras
MAS MAN - A Dalton Narine Film in Review
Steelband Panorama Judges Seminar in the works
Pan in the 21st Century – A Steelband Competition Like No Other
Defence Force Steel Orchestra participates in Holland Voorthuizen Military Tattoo
April 2010
A film about The Mas Man, by the Pan Man, Dalton Narine
University students gain insight into steelpan innovations
Northern Illinois (NIU) Spring World Steel Band Concert a Huge Success
NYU Steel Drum Ensemble Concert Splendor
Pan Podium Magazine On The Pulse of Pan in the UK Winter 2009/Spring 2010
Pan Masters Steelband Organization presents their 12th Annual Pan Jamboree
UWI Arts Chorale and the UWI Steel Ensemble star at New York Concert
Clarke: Pan in Trinidad is at a standstill
The Philippa Schuyler Steelpan Ensemble meets St Stithians Boys’ Prep Marimba Band of South Africa
Newcomer ‘We Ting’ tops preliminary round of 2010 Pan Down Memory Lane steelband competition
National Alliance of Steelbands Announces Organizational Kickoff Reception
NYU Steel Drum Ensemble Concert
Trinidad and Tobago Panorama Finals 2010 in Pictures
March 2010
An Interview with Kefilwe ‘Sweets’ Morutimang - Soweto Steelpan Woman Rising
Steelband Concert warms up chilly March evening
Gospelypso Steel Orchestra concert - In Pictures
New York Steelband “Gospelypso” Show - Pan and the Gospel Music Experience
USSA Presents Inaugural Steelband Concert
The Silencing of Pat Bishop - NOT!
Rise of the Steelband in Guyana - Tribute to steelbands before Mash 1970
Date changes for 2010 Pan Down Memory Lane and Pan in the 21st Century steelband events
First School to Purchase the Percussive Harmonic Instrument (P.H.I.)- St. Xavier’s Private School
USSA ‘Pan Solidarity Forum’ - Steelband Folks Seek Clarity, and New Direction
Oberlin Steel Set for 2010 Tour - Steelband group hits the road again
The Forum:  Examining the Roots of Steel Band Activity in New York
An Interview with E-Pan Inventor Salmon Cupid
An Interview with Brigitte Fischer - President of PANCH Swiss Steelband Association
Tobago Steelpan Women - Binta and Zwena Carrington
New work for choir and steel band
An Interview with Dramatic Soprano Extraordinaire Anne Fridal
  about the Steelpan art form and Culture
Ladies of Pan At The University of Cambridge York
Examining the Roots of Steel Band Activity in New York
Roll Call - Women In Pan
Steelband and Jazz Ensemble Concert Live from NIU (Northern Illinois University)-online
‘Bucks’ Inspires through Steelpan music
Steelband and Cultural Benefit Concert for Ailing Pan Personality
An Interview with Steelpan Innovator & G-Pan Inventor Brian Copeland
February 2010
The Lost Art of Traditional Pan-Around-the-Neck-Bands
Pan community slams Pan Trinbago’s 2010 DVD of Trinidad & Tobago Panorama
Happy Birthday, Dr. Jit Samaroo
Rudolph Charles - Twenty Five Years Later, Steelband Leader Still Exceptional
Additional Steelband Competition Results for Carnival 2010
An Interview with Musician, Performer and Steelband Arranger Duvone Stewart
Pan Trinbago brings on ‘Champz of Steel Plus’
Steelpan Body gave/sold broadcast rights to CNMG
Silver Stars Steel Orchestra set to open for Beyoncé
An “Oops” Moment in Steelband Panorama 2010 - Who Is Responsible??!!
Silver Stars and Steel Xplosion Triumph for Steelband Panorama 2010
La Horquetta Pan Groove and Arima Golden Symphony Steelband Panorama Champs Again
Small Steel Orchestras and Single-Pan Bands line-up for Panorama 2010 final night appearance
Single-Pan Finalists for Steelband Panorama 2010
Can Pan Trinbago Deliver the Goods on Internet Broadcast of Super Bowl of Steelband Music?
Pay-Per-View option coming soon for viewing Steelband Panorama 2010
WACK 90.1 fm ‘Culture Krazy’ station forced off the Internet for Steelband Panorama
  and 2010 Carnival Events
One Year Later
Invaders Steel Orchestra to help Haiti
2010 Steelband Panorama Semi-Finals in Pictures
China’s Tianjin Song and Dance Troupe Perform in Trinidad and Tobago - The Chinese
  Bicentennial Steel Ensemble and Tianjin perform together
Phase II Pan Groove leads the pack going into steelband panorama 2010 competition finals
2010 Semi Finals Results - Exodus fails to make the cut
January 2010
‘Pavement’ is it for Siparia Deltones Steel Orchestra
“Pan in meh DNA” sung by Allan Clelland-Goddard - composed by Deborah & Allan Clelland-Goddard  
“Pavement” sung by Farmer Nappy & Kerwin Du Bois - composed by Kerwin Du Bois & Darryl Henry 
“Tell Dem” sung by Roland “Rembunction” Yearwood’ - composed by Arddin Herbert, Ricardo Jones, Roland Yearwood 
Large Steelbands take the field - Panorama 2010
Semi-final Steel Orchestra Line-up set for the ‘the Big Yard’ - Steelband Panorama 2010
An Interview with Steelpan Musician and Songwriter Avis Bruce
New Rule Change for Panorama 2010
Desperadoes Steel Orchestra & Robert Greenidge sync for Panorama 2010 - “Musical Magnum” makes forceful entry 
United States Steelband Association - USSA: New Beginning, New Direction, New Promise
“Pan Army” finally here - Legendary steelband arranger reveals his 2010 panorama contender  
Haiti - Our thoughts are with you!
Panorama 2010 Band Selections
2010 Steelband Panorama Prelims get Underway
Songwriting Great Winston “DeFosto” Scarborough Speaks on the 2010 Season
The Winds of Change - New York Steelband Association set to Alter Course
Destra Garcia- a WST Exclusive with the Musician, Composer and Performing - Artist
Official Calendar of Steelband Panorama Events for Carnival 2010
Solo Harmonites Steel Orchestra Breaks Bread -Reunification dinner sets the stage
Steelband music songwriter Mark Loquan delves into the artform and craft
“Musical Fire” sung by Anslem Douglas - composed by Atiba Sherwood;
lyrics by Gerard Brian Williams & Alvin Daniell 
“Doh Meddle Wid Me” sung by Kurt Allen - music by Earl Brooks; lyrics by Alvin Daniell 
“Pong It” sung by ‘Carwash’ - composed by Dunstan ‘Carwash’ Lawrence 
Meet Steelband music songwriter Miguel Reyes - the New Kid on the Block
‘Pan In De Mas’ Steelband Music Lead Sheet

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